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Deane, R. S.
Deane, Roderick
Deane, Roderick Sheldon
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Fenwick, A. C.
Grindell, D.
Grindell, David
Lumsden, M. A.
Nicholl, P. W. E.
Nicholl, Peter W. E.
Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Economic Department
Smith, R. G.
Victoria University, Wellington
Walsh, M. J.
White, B. D.
determinants of quarterly gross capital formation in New Zealand, The
econometric approach to forecasting New Zealand's imports, An
economic policy dilemma, An : the case of foreign investment in New Zealand
Economic policy reviews : the New Zealand experience
Essays on fiscal policy : taxation reform
External economic structure and policy : an analysis of New Zealand's balance of payments
External shocks and policy responses in a small externally dependent economy
Financial asset behaviour and government financing transactions in New Zealand
Financial sector policy reform : the case of New Zealand
Foreign investment in New Zealand manufacturing, 1970.
instruments of monetary policy, The
Interest rate policy : a New Zealand quandary
International monetary reform : content and perspective
Lessons from the New Zealand financial system
model of the New Zealand monetary sector, A
Monetary policy and the New Zealand financial system
New data for economic research
New Zealand model: structure, policy uses & some simulation results., A
On the effects of inflation
overview of balance of payments policy, An
Papers on monetary policy, credit creation, economic objectives and the Reserve Bank
principles and practice of fiscal policy, The
Quarterly taxation relationships for New Zealand
Reflections on exchange rate policy
Reflections on fiscal policy
Reflections on privatisation
Some issues of balance of payments policy
stabilisation role of fiscal policy, The
trustee savings banks, The : some issues for the future
Understanding New Zealand's monetary policy and balance of payments policy
Thesis--Victoria University, Wellington, 1967