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Faber, George S.
Faber, George Stanley
Stanley Faber, George
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Anglais, un
Bethell, Christopher
Trévern, J. F. M. (1754-1842)
Trévern, Jean François Marie (1754-1842)
answer to the reply and strictures contained in Mr. Bicheno's supplement to The signs of the times;, An
apostolicity of Trinitarianism:, The
Bible ou le Pape, choisissez, La
conversion of the Jews to the Faith of Christ ... A sermon preached ... on Thursday April 18, 1822., The
Difficolta intorno al Romanesimo. -
difficultés du Romanisme relativement à l'évidence, ou preuves, que les particularités de l'église latine ne sont point basées sur les principes du légitime témoignage historique, Les
difficulties of infidelity., The
difficulties of Romanism in respect to evidence, or, The peculiarities of the Latin Church evinced to be untenable on the Principles of legitimate historical testimony, The
dissertation on the mysteries of the Cabiri or the great gods of Ph*. -, A
dissertation on the mysteries of the Cabiri, or, The great gods of Phenicia, Samothrace, Egypt, Troas, Greece, Italy, and Crete, A : being an attempt to deduce the feveral orgies of Isis, Ceres, Mithras, Bacchus, Rhea, Adonis, and Hecate, from an union of the rites commemorative of the deluge with the adoration of the host of heaven
dissertation on the prophecies, that have been fulfilled, are now fulfilling, or will be herafter fulfilled, A
dissertation on the prophecies, that have been fulfilled, are now fulfilling, or will hereafter benfulfilled, A
dissertation on the prophecy contained in Daniel IX. 24-27;, A
doctrine of regeneration in the case of infant-baptism, The : stated in reply to the Dean of Chichester's apology addressed to the Rev. G.S. Faber, B.D.
Faber's mysteries of the Cabiri
general and connected view of the Prophecies, relating to the conve*. -, A
George Stanley Faber, A dissertation on the prophecies... : Rivington, 1814
Horæ Mosaicæ; or, A view of the Mosaical records, with respect to their coincidence with profane antiquity; their internal credibility; and their connection with Christianity: comprehending the substance of eight lectures read before the University of Oxford, in the year 1801; pursuant to the will of the late Rev. John Bampton, A.M.
inquiry into the history and theology of the ancient Vallenses and Albigenses, An ; as exhibiting, agreeably to the promises, the perpetuity of the sincere church of Christ
Napoleon III, the man of prophecy, or, The revival of the French emperorship anticipated from the necessity of prophecy.
origin of pagan idolatry, 1984:, The
Origin of pagan idolatry ascertained from historical testimony and circumstantial evidence, The
Origin of Pagon Idolatry. -, The
practical treatise on the ordinary operations of the Holy Spirit., A
predicted downfall of the Turkish power, the preparation for the return of the ten tribes., The
primitive doctrine of regeneration..., The
Recapitulated apostasy the true rationalè of the concealed apocalyptic name of the Roman Empire
Remarks on the pyramid of Cephrenes, lately opened by Mr. Belzoni
Rev. G.S. Faber's four letters to the editor of the "St. James Chronicle" on Catholic emancipation, The
sacred calendar of prophecy:, The
Sermons on various subjects and occasions.
supplement to the Dissertation on the 1260 years: containing a full reply to the objections and misrepresentations of the Rev. E. W. Whitaker; some remarks on certain parts of the author's own Dissertation; and a view of the present posture of affairs as connected with prophecy., A
Testimony of primitive antiquity against the peculiarities of the Latin church:
treatise on the genius and object of the patriarchal, the Levitical, and the Christian dispensations., A
Two sermons preached before the University of Oxford Feb. 10, 1799 An attempt to explain, by recent events, five of the seven vials mentioned in the Revelation. And an inquiry into the Scriptural signification of the word Bara. By G. S. Faber.