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Ericson, Rolf
Brass - Trumpet
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Åberg, Lennart (co-performer)
Allan, Jan (co-performer)
Brehm, Simon (co-performer)
Broberg, Bosse (co-performer)
Butterfield, Don
Byard, Jaki (1922-1999)
Carlberg, Sten (co-performer)
Charlie Parker quintet 1950 (see also from)
Charlie Parker septet 1950 (see also from)
Domnérus, Arne (co-performer)
Ericksson, Runo (co-performer)
Expressens Elitorkester (isMemberOf)
Gullin, Lars (co-performer)
Gustafsson, Rune (co-performer)
Hallberg, Bengt (co-performer)
Jackson, Quentin
Johansen, Egil (co-performer)
Johansson, Jan (co-performer)
Lövgren, Bertil (co-performer)
Mariano, Charlie (1924-)
Mingus, Charles (1922-1979)
Nilsson, Erik (co-performer)
Öfwerman, Rune (co-performer)
Radiojazzgruppen (isMemberOf)
Richardson, Jerome (1920-2000)
Richmond, Dannie (1935-1988)
Riedel, Georg (co-performer)
Roffe Ericsons kvintett (isMemberOf)
Rosendahl, Claes (co-performer)
The Curtis Counce Quintet
Theselius, Gösta (co-performer)
Warner music France
WEA Europe
Wickman, Putte (co-performer)
Williams, Richard
Action in Alexandria (2 min 31 s)
After midnight
Americans in Sweden
Bad woman (4 min 35 s)
black saint and the sinner lady, The
Blue rose (2 min 48 s)
Butter and oleo (4 min 38 s)
Charles Mingus - the Impulse story
Charlie Parker
Complete Bird in Sweden Sweden 1950
Duke Ellington - The private collection
Elysée (2 min 26 s)
Exploring the future
got it bad and that ain't good (3 min 41 s), I
Got nobody now (2 min 37 s)
Great moments with Charles Mingus
Haitian fight song (11 min 57 s)
Harmony in Harlem (4 min 21 s)
Harmony in Herlem (4 min 21 s)
Harold in the land of jazz
Hearts'beat and shades in physical embraces
Hog callin'blue (7 min 28 s)
Hora decubitus (6 min 19 s)
How high the moon
Infinity promenade (12 min 10 s)
Isfahan (3 min 19 s)
It could happen to you (5 min 46 s)
Jeep's blues (4 min 09 s)
July 18 th blues (5 min 33 s)
July 18th blues (5 min 33 s)
Killian's lick (4 min 31 s)
let a song go out of my heart & don't get around much anymore (3 min 47 s), I
Lydia's lament (5 min 46 s)
M.G. (2 min 54 s)
Manha de carnival (8 min 14 s)
Miles away
Miles Davis and the Lighthouse all stars
Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus [SR] 1963:
Mode D-trio and group dancers
Mode e-single solos and group dance
Mode E-single solos and groupe dance
Mode f-group and solo dance
Mode F-groupe and solo dance
Mood indigo (4 min 40 s)
Nieta (4 min 34 s)
Night in Tunisia (11 min 55 s)
Notes, June 1999:
Of love, pain, and passioned revolt, then farewell, mu beloved, 'til it's freedom day
On the sunny side of the street (4 min 09 s)
Passions of a man (4 min 52 s)
Plenty plenty soul : Americans in Sweden : vol.3 : 1954-1959
Private collection, The
Reincarnation of a lovebird (8 min 31 s)
remember you (16 min 52 s), I
Rockin' in rhythm (5 min 37 s)
Round midnight (5 min 40 s)
Saint and sinner join in merriment on battle front
Scandia skies (8 min 53 s)
Serenade to Sweden (2 min 38 s)
Single solos and group dance
Smack up (7 min 13 s)
Solar (11 min 17 s)
Solitude (3 min 40 s)
Solo dancer (6 min 20 s)
Sophisticated lady (3 min 18 s)
Soul fusion freewoman and oh, this freedom's slave cries
Speak low (5 min 36 s)
Stoona (4 min 33 s)
Stop ! Look ! and listen, sinner Jim Whitney !
Stop ! Look ! and sing songs of revolutions !
Straight no chaser (18 min 16 s)
Studio sessions New York 1963
Tajm (3 min 21 s)
Take the train (48 s)
Tell it the way it is
Theme (16 s), The
Theme for Lester Yound (5 min 37 s)
Town Hall concert
Track a-solo dancer (6 min 20 s)
Track b-duet solo dancers (6 min 25 s)
Track c-group dancers (7 min)
Trio and group dancers
Viva Kenton!
Wham bam thank you ma'am (4 min 41 s)
Witch doctor
Wooody'n you (13 min 53 s)
You don't know what love is (3 min 56 s)
Contributed to or performed: 
Den korta fristen
Har du nå’nsin hört någon spela jazz på en elektrisk flöjt
Sommar, Het