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I. P, Iohn Pym
J. P, John Pym
P, I.
P, Iohn Pym
P, J.
P, John Pym
Pijm, John (ridder)
Pim, John
Pim, John (Master)
Pimme, John
Pimme, John (Master)
Pym, John
Pym, John (M.)
Pym, John (Master)
Pym, John (Mr)
Pym, .. (Mr)
Pymm, John
Pymm, John (M.)
Pymm, John (Mr)
Pymme, John
Pymme, John (Master)
Pymme, John (Mr)
Worthy member of the House of Commons
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writer of accompanying material
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Broersz, Joost (Amsterdam)
Broersz, Joost Amsterdam, 1634-1647
Drinkwater, John
England and Wales. Parliament
Great Britain. Parliament, 1643. House of Commons
Lootsman, Theunis Jacobsz Amsterdam, 1629-1651
Manchester, Edward Montagu Earl of, 1602-1671
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
S.n. (S.l.)
Catalogue of original manuscripts and historical correspondence formerly belonging to John Pym, the great parliamentary leader (1584-1643)
declaration of J. Pym upon [...] the charge of high treason, against Thomas, earle of Strafford. Dutch, The
declaration of John Pym Esquire upon the whole matter of the charge of high treason, against Thomas, Earle of Strafford, April 12. 1641. With An argument of law concerning the bill of attainder of high treason of the said Earle of Strafford, before a committee of both Houses of Parliament, in Westminster hall, by Mr St Iohn His Majesties solicitor generall, on Thursday, April 29. 1641., The
heads of a conference delivered by Mr. Pymm at a committee of both Houses, Junii 24, 1641., The
John Pym
March 17. Master Pyms speech in Parliament : Wherein is expressed his zeal and reall affection to the publike good. As also shewing what dangers are like to ensue by want of their enjoying the priviledges of Parliament. With the generall occasion of grief to the House, thorough His Majesties alienating himself from his Parliament in his opinions. Whereunto is added, some passages that hapned the ninth of March, between the Kings Majesty, and the committee of both Houses, when the declaration was delivered. What passed the next day, when His Majesty delivered his answer.
Master Pyms speech in Parliament wherein is expressed his zeal and reall affection to the publike good
message of thankes, A
Mr. Iohn Pyms Oratie, in een t'samen-sprekinge met de Heeren overghegheven op den 25. Januarij 1641/1642. Op occasie van de requesten der stadt London ende de graefschappen van Middlessex, Essex ende Hertford. Wtghegeven door order van't huys der gemeynten. Ghedruckt tot London voor John Wright 1641/1642. Wt het Engels overgheset ..
Mr. Pymmes speech to the Lords in Parliament, sitting in VVestminster Hall, on the tryall of Thomas Earle of Strafford, the twelfth of Aprill 1641.
Mr. Pyms Oratie tot antwoordt van Thomas des grave van Straffords defentie voor de Vierschaer, den 13/23 April 1641.
Oratie, in een t'samen-sprekinge met de Heeren
oratie ofte verklaringhe van Iohn Pym, esquire, ghedaen voor de heeren van 't Opper-Huys op het overleveren van d'artijckelen vande gemeenten in 't parlement vergadert, teghens William Laud, aerts-bisschop van Cantelbergh, tot mainteneringhe van haer accusatie, daer deselve van hoogh verraet mede belast wordt.: Mitsgaders: D'waerachtighe copye van de voorsz. artijckelen., De
Oratie tot antwoordt van Thomas des grave van Straffords defentie voor de vierschaer, den 13/23 april 1641.
Pym's speech against Strafford.
reasons of the House of Commons to stay the queenes going into Holland. Dutch, The
Redenen van 't Lage Huys, Om des Koninginne reyse naar Hollandt te stutten, De : aen de Lords overgelevert, inde Conferentie ghehouden den 14 Julij 1641. By John Pym, Esq. Den 15 aen sijn Majesteyt inde tegenwoordigheydt van beyde Huysen, by Milord Banckes overghelevert.
redenen van't Lage Huys, om des koninginne reyse naer Hollandt te stutten: aen de Lords over gelevert, inde conferentie ghehouden den 14 iulij 1641., De
Sijne konincklijcke majesteyt van Engelandts declaratie, aen alle sijne ghetrouvve ondersaten. Verklaert na de victorie teghens de rebellen verkregen den 2. November 1642. Midts-gaders een kort verhael van de bataille, gheschiet tusschen Lynton en Edge-hill... : Noch is hier by gevoeght de oratie onlanghs gedaen door mr. Pym, voor de achtbare raedt der stadt London.
Sijne konincklijcke majesteyt van Engelandts declaratie, aen alle sijne ghetrouwe ondersaten
speech delivered by Mr. Pym at a conference of both Houses, A : ocasioned from divers instructions, resolved upon by the House of Commons, and presented to the Lords, and read by Sir Henry Vayne : discovering the dangers and miseries the three kingdomes are liable unto, by reason of His Majesties evill counsellors as the effects doth declare : as also, the justice, reasonablenesse, and necessitie of changing them.
speech delivered in Parliament by a worthy member thereof and a most faithfull well-wisher to the Church and common-weale concerning the grievances of the kingdome, A
speech or declaration of John Pym, esq. &c., The
speech or declaration of John Pym, Esquire after the recapitulation or summing up of the charge of high-treason, against Thomas, Earle of Strafford, 12. April, 1641., The
speech [...] upon the delivery of the articles [...] against William Laud. Dutch, The
Ten propositions delivered by Master Pimme, from the House of Commons, to the Lords, at a conference, June 24, 1641, 1641.
Twee oratien gedaen door den grave van Manchester, ende Iohn Pijm ridder, tot weder-antwoordt op sijn majesteyts antwoordt, op de requeste der stadt London.
Two speeches spoken by the Earl of Manchester, and Jo: Pym Esq; as a reply to His Majesties answer to the city of London petition, sent from His Majesty by Captain Hearn, and read at a common-hall, on Friday the 13th of January, 1642. Also, a true narration of the passages of that day ...
voortreffelicke propositie uyt den name van het Leeghe Huys., Een
worthy speech made by Master Pym to the Lords, on Fryday the thirty one of December, concerning an information against the Lord Digby: wherein is discovered the dangerous effects of the said information, if not suddenly prevented, against the royall power, prerogative of the King, and priviledges of Parliament in the free votes and proceedings thereof., A