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D, I. (Sir)
D, Iohn Doddridge (Sir)
D, J.
Dodaridge, John
Dodaridge, John ((Judge))
Dodderidge, John
Dodderidge, John (Sir)
Doddridge, John
Doddridge, John (Sir)
Doderidge, Iohn (Sir)
Doderidge, J. (Sir)
Doderidge, John
Doderidge, John (Sir)
Dodridge, Iohn (Sir)
Dodridge, J. (Sir)
Dodridge, John (Sir)
I. D, Iohn Doddridge (Sir)
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Bacon, Francis (1561-1626)
Bird, William (17th cent)
Blackwell, Henry
Curson, H.
Curson, Henry
Grove, John (Londen)
Noy, William (1577-1634)
T.H, gent (17th cent)
Thynne, Egremont (15..-16..))
Wentworth, Thomas (1568?-1628)
Wilson, George -1816
Certain observations concerning a deed of feoffment
Compleat parson, or, a description of advowsons, or church-liuing. wherein is set forth the interests of the parson, patron, and ordinarie, &c. with many other things concerning the same matter, as they were deliuered at severall readings at new inne
Complete parson
curious discourses
dissertation on parliament
English lavvyer, 1631:, The
English lawyer. describing a method for the managing of the lawes of this land and expressing the best qualities requisite in the student, practizer, judges and fathers of the same
History of the ancient and moderne estate of the principality of wales, dutchy of cornewall, and earldome of chester
Law of nobility and peerage
laws resolutions of women's rights or the laws provision for women...
lawyers light, or, A due direction for the study of the law, The : for methode, choyce of bookes moderne, selections of authours of more antiquitie, application of either, accommodation of diuers other vsefull requisits : all tending to the speedy and more easie attayning of the knowledge of the common law of this kingdome, with necessary cautions against certaine abuses or ouersights, aswell in the practitioner as student
Magazine of honour, or, a treatise of the severall degrees of the nobility of this kingdome with their rights and priviledges also of knights, esquires, gentlemen and yeomen, and matters incident to them according to the lawes and customes of england
of the dimensions of the land of england
office and duty of executors., The
prerogative of parliaments in England, The
several opinions of sundry learned antiquaries, the
sheppard's touchstone of common assurances
treatise of particular estates
Treatise of the barons of this realme.
Treatise of wills and executors
use of the law
Womans lawyer