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Baruch, B. M.
Baruch, Bernard
Baruch, Bernard M.
Baruch, Bernard Maines
Baruch, Bernard Mannes
Baruch, Bernard Mannes (Vollstaendiger Name)
Baruch, Bernard Manus
Baruch, Bernard Morris
Baruch, Bernardt
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Atomic Energy Commission (1946 ; United States)
Bach, Carl (1898-1968)
Baruch, Annie Griffen (1939-...; see also from)
Baruch, Bernard Mannes (1870-1965)
Conant, James Bryant
Etats-Unis, State
Freeman, Stuart I.
Nations Unies, Commission de l'énergie atomique
Swing, Raymond (1887-1968)
United States. Office of War Mobilization
Vogt, William (1902-1968))
William Sloane Associates
Address by Bernard M. Baruch at the re-union of the members of the War industries board
American Industry in the war. A report of the war industries board, by Bernard M. Baruch,...
American industry in the war : a report of the War industries board (March 1921) besides a reprint of the report of the War industries board of World War I
Baruch, my own history
Baruch : my own story
Baruch : the public years
Economic clauses. Provisional draft of the economic clauses of the Treaty of peace with Germany with explanatory headings and marginal comments for the use of the American delegates.
Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds
Freedom for man---a world safe for mankind, 1955
Gute 88 Jahre
Gute achtundachtzig Jahre
Internacional Control Atomic Energy, The
International control of atomic energy. Scientific information transmitted to the United Nations Atomic energy commission. June 14, 1946 - October 14, 1946. Prepared in the office of Mr. Bernard M. Baruch, United States representative, The
international control of atomic energy, The : speech by Bernard M. Baruch to the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission, Freedom House, New York City, October 8, 1946.
Jahre des Dienens, Die
Ma vie ('My own story'), traduit de l'américain par Irène Eisenmann. Préface de André Istel, Bernard M. Baruch.
Making of the reparation and economic sections of the treaty, by Bernard M. Baruch,..., The
Memoirs of extraordinary popular delusions
My own story
Only strength will win the peace; testimony before the Preparedness Investigating Subcommittee of the Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate, on May 28, 1952.
philosophy for our time., A
Preventing inflation; statements and writings on controlling living costs and preventing inflation, Sept. 1941-Dec. 1941
programa para la transición entre la guerra y la paz en Estados Unidos, Un
public years, The
Putting farming on a modern business basis;
Report of the Rubber survey committee. Septembre 10, 1942. James B. Conant ; Karl T. Compton ; Bernard M. Baruch, chairman
Road to survival
salute to Jack Benny testimonial dinner tendered by the Friars Club in honor of Jack Benny on his twentieth anniversary in radio., A
Taking the profit out of war; a memorandum submitted to the War policies commission in support of the memorandum under the same title submitted March 6, 1931
Taking the profit out of war; suggested policies to provide, without change in our Constitution, for industrial mobilization, elimination of profiteering and equalization of the burdens of war.
Taking the profits out of war; a program for industrial mobilization.
This I believe
Toward effective international atomic energy control
[United Nations address] [Enregistrement sonore] : ["the quick and the dead"]
United States atomic energy proposals : statement of the United States policy on control od atomic energy as presented by Bernard M. Baruch to the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission June 14, 1946.
United States atomic energy proposals. Statement of the United States policy on control of atomic energy as presented by Bernard M. Baruch,... to the United Nations Atomic energy commission, June 14, 1946
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