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Lindley, Johannes
Lindley, John
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Bauer, Ferdinand (1760-1826)
Bauer, Ferdinand Lukas (1760-1826)
Donn, James (1758-1813)
Hamilton, Robert M. (1912-)
Hutton, William (1797-1860)
Jende-Strid, Barbro
Jende-Strid, Barbro Jende
Lindley, John (1799-1865)
Moore, Thomas (1821-1887)
Sibthorp, Joannes (1758-1796)
Sibthorp, John (1758-1796)
Smith, James Edward Sir, 1759-1828
Strid, Arne (1943-)
Strid, Arne K. (1943-)
Botanical register or, ornamental flower-garden und shrubbery, The : consisting of coloured figures of plants and shrubs cultivated in British gardens accompanied by their history, best methode of treatment in cultivation, propagation, etc...
Botanik für Damen
Collectanea botanica: or figures and botanical illustrations of rare and curious exotic plants
Démonstrations botaniques.
Digitalium monographia; sistens historiam botanicam generis, tabulis omnium specierum hactenus cognitarum illustratum, ut plurimum confectis ad icones Ferdinandi Bauer, penes Gulielmum Cattley ...
Elements of botany structural and physiological ; being a fifth edition of the outline of the first principles of botany, with a sketch of the artificial methods of classification, and a glossary of technical terms
Flora Graeca : annotated re-issue
Flora Graeca Sibthorpiana
Flora graeca sive Plantarum rariorum historia, quas in provinciis aut insulis Graeciae
Flora medica : a botanical account of all the more important plants used in medicine, in different parts of the world
Folia orchidacea an enumeration of the known species of orchids
fossil flora of Great Britain; or, Figures and descriptions of the vegetable remains found in a fossil state in this country, The
Genera and species of orchidaceous plants
Glosología o de los términos usados en botánica
Glossary of technical terms used in botany
Grondbeginselen der horticultuur (tuinkunst)
Hortus cantabrigiensis, or, an accented catalogue of indigenous and exotic plants, cultivated in the Cambridge botanic garden
Illustrations of fossil plants : being an autotype reproduction of selected drawings
Introduction to botany, by John Lindley,..., An
Introduction to the natural system of botany, or, a systematic view of the organisation, natural affinities, and geographical distribution, of the whole vegetable kingdom together with the uses of the most important species in medicine, the arts, and rural or domestic economy
John Lindley, 1799-1865, a gathering of his correspondence issued in instalments
Ladies botany: or a familiar introduction to the study of the natural system of botany
letter to the editors of the Philosophical magazine & journal upon the correspondence between Sir James Edward Smith and Mr. Lindley, which has lately appeared in that journal, A
Medical and oeconomical botany
Monographie du genre rosier traduite de l'anglais
Nixus plantarum
notice of certain seedling varieties of Amaryllis, presented to the society by William Herbert, in 1820, which flowered in the Society's Garden in february 1823 By John Lindley, A
Observations on the natural group of plants called Pomaceae
One thousand Lindley letters
Orchidaceae Lindenianae, or Notes upon a collection of orchids formed in Colombia and Cuba by [mr.] J. Linden
Orchidearum sceletos
Paxton's flower garden
pocket botanical dictionary, A : comprising the names, history, and culture of all plants known in Britain; with a full explanation of technical terms
Rosarum monographia, or, A botanical history of roses to which is added an appendix, for the use of cultivators, in which the most remarkable garden varieties are systematically arranged, with nineteen plates
School botany and vegetable physiology; or, the rudiments of botanical science
School botany, or, An explanation of the characters and differences of the principal natural classes and orders of plants belonging to the flora of Europe, in the botanical classification of De Candolle : for the use of students preparing for their matriculation examination in the University of London
Sertum orchidaceum a wreath of the most beautiful orchidaceous flowers
Study of botany, facilitated by a familiar introduction to the natural system comprising structural botany, or a description of the component parts of plants, descriptive botany and systematic botany, exhibited in a rational classification
Synopsis of the british flora arranged according to the natural orders: containing vasculares, or flowering plants
Théorie de l'horticulture ou essais descriptifs, selon les principes de la physiologie, sur les principales opérations horticoles
Theorie der Gartenkunde, oder Versuch, die vornchmsten Operationen beim Gartenbau, nach physiologischen Grundsätzen zu erklären
Theory of horticulture or, an attempt to explain the principal operations of gardening upon physiological principles
Treasury of botany a popular dictionary of the vegetable kingdom; with which is incorporated a glossary of botanical terms
Vegetable kingdom or, the structure, classification, and uses of plants, illustrated upon the natural system
Victorian floral illustrations : 344 wood engravings of exotic flowers and plants