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Hayes, W.
Hayes, William
Hayes, William ((composer))
Hayes, William (Dr)
Hayes, Williams
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Language material
Manuscript notated music
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Avison, Charles (1709-1770)
Capriccio Basel
Dubois, Pierre (1951-)
Hayes, Philip (1738-1797)
Hofbauer, Ulrike
Rooley, Anthony (1944-..)
Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Konzert-Gruppe
Sepúlveda, Federico (1976-..)
Tubb, Evelyn
Uesugi, Sumihito (1976-..)
12 arietts or ballads and 2 cantatas
All people that on earth do dwell (The hundredth psalm [XCIX]) (4 v. orch. et o.)
Blessed are all they that fear the Lord (Solo anthem) (4 v. et o.)
Blessed art thou o Lord (Part of the 119th. [CXX] psalm) (3 v. et o.)
Bow down thine Ear o Lord (Full anthem) (4 v. et o.)
Bring unto the Lord (Anthem) (4 v. et o.)
Cantate Domino
Cantates, 6
Catches, glees and canons for three, four and five voices...
Catches, glees and canons for three, four, five, six and eight voices, (including such as gained Prize medals at Almacks, A. D. 1763 & 1764)... Book II...
Cathedral music in score composed, by Dr William Hayes,...
Chairs to mend old chairs to mend, V (5), G-Dur - BSB Mus.ms. 13357 : [caption title:] Catch. Dr. Hayes.
Charles Avison's Essay on musical expression : with related writings by William Hayes and Charles Avison
Concerti, Ouvertüre und Sinfonia
daughters of beauty
Deus misereatur
English keyboard concertos, 1740-1815
Essay on musical expression
fall of jericho, the
Gloria patri
Great is the Lord (Anthem) (5 v. et o.)
hark! hark from every tongue
have set God always before me (Solo anthem) (6 v. et o.), I
Help us O God, V (3), F-Dur - BSB Mus.ms. 13357 : [caption title:] Dr. Hayes.
Here lies old bridges, V (4) - BSB Mus.ms. 13357 : [caption title:] Epitaph. in Catch.
Kyrie eleison
lives and works of William and Philip Hayes, 1995, The
Lord (bis) even the most mighty God (Anthem) (5 v. et o.), The
Lord how long... wilt thou by angry (Full anthem) (5 v.)
Lord is good (Anthem) (1 v. et o.), The
Lord presserveth (bis) all them (Full anthem) (5 v. et o.), The
Lord, thou hast been our refuge (Full anthem) (4. et o.)
Nicene creed
O be joy full... in God all ye lands (Full anthem) (4 v. et o.)
O give thanks (Verse anthem) (3 v. et o.)
O God (bis) thou art my God (Solo anthem) (4 v. et o.)
O worship the Lord (Anthem) (4 v. et o.)
ode to the memory of mr. handel
passions, the
peleus and thetis
Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem (Anthem) (6 v. et o.)
Praise the Lord, o my soul (Solo anthem) (5 v. et o.)
Remarks on Mr. Avison's Essay on musical expression
rival nations, the
Save Lord, and hear us (Full anthem) (5 v et o.)
six cantatas
sixteen psalms
succession of organists, the
supplement to the catches, glees and canons, lately, published by Dr Hayes, consisting chiefly of some favourite pieces, composed by old, and approved masters, (to which he hath added parts, for the sake of enriching the harmony) and two new canons, one of which obtained a prize medal this present year 1765..., A
Te Deum, The
Twelve arietts, 1735
Unto Thee, O God, do we give thanks (Anthem) (4 v. et o.)
Vocal and instrumental musick in three parts containing I. the overture and songs in the Masque of Circée. II A sonata or trio, and songs of different kinds, viz. ballads, airs and cantatas. III An Ode, being part of an exercice perform'd for a Bachelor's degree in Musick...
When the fair consort
where shall the muse
Whoso dwelleth (bis) under the defence of the most High (Solo anthem) (4 v. et o.)
will give thanks (Solo anthem) (4 v. et o.), I