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Ames Wells, David
Wells, D. A.
Wells, David
Wells, David A.
Wells, David Ames
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Cobden Club (London, England)
Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress)
Laveleye, Emile de (1822-1892)
Leslie, T. E. Cliffe (1827-1882)
Leslie, Thomas Edward Cliffe (1827-1882)
Michalski, Stanisław (1865-1949))
Prince-Smith, John (1809-1874)
Putnam, George Haven (1844-1930)
Rogers, James E. Thorold (1823-1890)
Rogers, James Edwin Thorold (1823-1890)
Sumner, William Graham (1840-1910)
Vissering, E.
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
America and Europe : a study of international relations.
American industry and the tariff : an abridgment of Commissioner Wells's report for 1869.
Annual of agricultural progress and discovery for ...
Breakers ahead. Cause of the present crisis. Falling prices and business stagnation accounted for ...
Burton, Richard F.: Pilgrimage to El-Medinah and Meccah. -
Cobden club essays, second series, 1871-2.
Congress and Phelps, Dodge & Co. An extraordinary history; or An abstract of so much of the proceedings and investigations of the 43d Congress (1st session), in relation to "moieties and customs revenue laws," as pertain to and further illustrate the controversy between the United States government and the firm of Phelps, Dodge & Co. ...
David Ames Wells papers
Elements of Natural Philosophy. -
Essays on political economy
First principles of geology : a text-book for schools, ...
Free trade and free enterprise : report of the proceedings at the dinner of the Cobden Club, June 28, 1873. Speech of the Hon. David A. Wells : being a retrospect of the results of protection in the United States of America
Freer trade essential to future national prosperity and development.
geld van Robinson Crusoe, Het : populaire uiteenzetting omtrent den oorsprong en het gebruik van geld als ruilmiddel
History and sketches of Williams College. -
How Congress and the public deal with a great revenue and industrial problem.
Impôts aux États-Unis, Les : rapport présenté au Secrétaire d'état ministre des finances par M. Wells : impôts, salaires, renchérissements, monopoles, droits divers et législation spéciale. Washington, 1869
Internal-revenue tax on distilled spirits, malt liquors, and tobacco.
Kagaku sen'yō
Kinji no keizai hendō
Kp. Postęp techniczny w przemyśle spółczesnym
Natural philosophy for the use of schools, etc.
Our merchant marine; how it rose, increased, became great, declined and decayed, with an inquiry into the conditions essential to its resuscitation and future prosperity
Political and social sciences. [from old catalog]
Political economy and political science.
Postęp techniczny w przemyśle spółczesnym : (recent economic changes) w streszczeniu M. Schippla
Postęp techniczny w przemyśle współczesnym
Practical economics; a collection of essays respecting certain of the recent economic experiences of the United States.
primer of tariff reform., A
Principles and applications of chemistry for the use of academies, etc.
Principles of taxation. -
question of ships: I. The decay of our ocean mercantile marine its cause and cure, The
Recent economic changes, and their effect on the production and distribution of wealth and the well-being of society
Recent economic changes, and their effects on the production and distribution of wealth and the well-being of society
reform of local taxation, The
relation of the government to the telegraph, or, A review of the two propositions now pending before Congress for changing the telegraphic service of the country, The
Report of Revenue Commissioner Wells on taxation, wages, high prices, monopolies, duties & special legislation.
Report of special commissioner of the revenue ... upon the industry, trade, commerce, &c., of the United States for the year 1869 ...
Report of the commissioners invited by the Canal Board of the state of New York, July 10th, 1877, to consider and report on the subject of tolls upon the canals, having reference to the subject of revenues, and also to increasing the commerce of the canals.
Report of the proceedings at the dinner of the Cobden Club, june 28, 1873
Report of the Special Commissioner of the Revenue for the year 1868.
Reports of a commission appointed for a revision of the revenue system of the United States, 1865-'66.
Revenue of the United States : official report
Robinson Crusoe's money; or, The remarkable financial fortunes and misfortunes of a remote island community.
schat van kennis, Een : de hoofdbegrippen der natuurkundige wetenschappen, eenvoudig verklaard en opgehelderd, in verband met hunne toepassing in het dagelijksche leven
Science of Common Things. -
Second report of the commissioners appointed to revise the laws for the assessment and collection of taxes in New York, 1872
Sketches of Williams College.
study of Mexico, A
sugar industry of the United States, and the tariff. Report on the assessment and collection of duties on imported sugars, The : on the results of an economic and financial inquiry into the relation of the sugar industry of the United States in its several departments of production, importation, refining and distribution of product, to the existing federal tariff.
Technisch-wirtschaftliche Revolutionen der Gegenwart : nach D.A. Wells' "Recent economic changes"
theory and practice of taxation, The
Things not generally known; a popular hand-book of facts not readily accessible in literature, history, and science.
true story of the leaden statuary; or, A curious chapter in economic history., The
United States and Great Britain, The
Usury laws, their nature, expediency, and influence : opinions of Jeremy Bentham and John Calvin, with review of the existing situation and recent experience of the United States by Richard H. Dana, David A. Wells, and others.
Wells's natural philosophy : for the use of schools, academies, and private students
Who pays your taxes?. -
Why we trade and how we trade, or, An inquiry into the extent to which the existing commercial and fiscal policy of the United States restricts the material prosperity and development of the country.
Year-book of agriculture, or, the annual of agricultural progress and discovery for ..., The
Yūki kagaku