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John Thomson
Thompson, John
Thomson, J.
Thomson, John
Thomson, John F. R. G. S.
Thomson, John ((photographer))
Thomson, John (Scottish photographer and author, 1837-1921, active in the Far East and in London)
Tomson, Tzōn
トムソン, ジョン
Creation class: 
Cartographic material
Language material
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Balmer, Judith
Beato, Felice (approximately 1825-)
Brandt, Bill (1904-1983)
Meyer, Michael J. (1972-)
Smith, Adolphe
Tissandier, Gaston (1843-1899)
Vattemare, H.
Vattemare, Hippolyte (18..-1882)
Warner, John (1930-)
White, Stephen
Worswick, Clark
, 1867*
, 1870.*
, 1873-1874 [http://books.google.com/books?id=bgjkagaaqbaj&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false]*
, 1878*
, 1879*
Boy with tray
Buy a broom
China the land and its people : early photographs
China : through the lens of John Thomson, 1868-1872
[Chinese men greeting each other, a "compradore (agent), a Tartar man, and an agricultural laborer with a scythe and a child]
[Chinese men playing "Chai Moi" (finger game), street vendors with carts selling food; and a group of men, women and children]
[Chinese people in a sampan and canal boat, women in a wheel barrow, and a street cobbler]
Chinese soldier
Conc, a concordance generator]
Dead flowers]
Ekthesē phōtographiōn Tzōn Tomson "Peridiavazontas stēn Kypro, phthinopōro 1878, 1984:
Empire de Chine premiers voyages, premières images (1868-1872), L'
Foochau woman
head guard on the South Eastern Railway, 1885--The engine is one of Richard Christopher Mansell's "Gunboat" 0-4-4 tanks, built for Greenwich, Woolrich and Blackheath local services, The
Headdress, coolie
history and handbook of photography, A
[Horse-drawn cab of T. Tilling, with boy inside and driver, London]
Illustrations of China and its people. Vol. 1
Indo-Chine et la Chine, L' : récits de voyages
inmost shrine, The : a photographic odyssey of China, 1873
London cabmen
Merveilles de la photographie.
Native Macao
Native of Hong Kong
Old man in spectacles
[Portraits of a Chinese peddler, a woman selling brooms, a woman from Canton, and a laborer]
[Portraits of a Chinese policeman with prisoners, a person being carried in a sedan chair, a group of women and a barber]
[Portraits of a Chinese woman holding a boy, an elderly man wearing glasses, two women, and a two needlewomen with baskets]
[Portraits of a Chinese women purchasing jewelry, women from Macau, people in a boat, and the "toutai" (magistrate) of Shanghai] with an attendant]
[Portraits of the executioner of Kanagawa with sword and prisoner, the head of Hayashida Tciken, and Chinese women, including one from "Foochau"]
Punishment of the canque
Sheying : shades of China, 1850-1900
straits of Malacca, Indo-China and China, The ; or, Ten years' travels, adventures and residence abroad
Street life in London
[Studio portraits of a Chinese bureaucrat (mandarin), a civil officer, a Buddhist priest and a woman ]
Sutorito raifu : Yoroppa o mitsumeta 7nin no shashinkatachi.
Taiwan récit
Thomson's China : travels and adventures of a nineteenth-century photographer
Through China with a camera
Through Cyprus with the camera in the autumn of 1878
[Travel album Iran and Iraq]
Wan Qing sui ying : Yuehan. Tangmuxun yan zhong de Zhongguo
Workers on the "silent highway"
Zhongguo zui hou yi ge gu dai
ストリート・ライフ : ヨーロッパを見つめた7人の写真家たち
晚清碎影 : 约翰 ・汤姆逊眼中的中国
玻光流影 約翰湯姆生世紀影像特展 : 鏡頭下的福爾摩沙與亞洲紀行 : Window to the East : the Journey to Formosa, China and Southeast Asia 1865-1871