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Taft, Howard
Taft, W. H.
Taft, Wiiliam Howard
Taft, William
Taft, William H.
Taft, William Howard
Taft, William Howard (Pres. degli Stati Uniti)
Taft, William Howard (Pres. U.S.)
Taft, Wm. H.
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Bryan, William Jennings (1860-1925)
Burton, David H. (1925-)
Burton, David Henry (1925- ))
Burton, David Henry (1925-)
ebrary, Inc
Estats Units d'Amèrica President (1909-1913 : Taft) (see also from)
Filipines Governor (1901-1904 : Taft) (see also from)
Gläß, Theo (1896)
Hoover, Herbert (1874-1964)
League to Enforce Peace (U.S.)
Miller, Francis Trevelyan (1877-1959))
Philippines Governor (1901-1904 : Taft) (see also from)
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (1882-1945)
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (1882-1945)
Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919)
Spojené státy americké President (1909-1913 : Taft) (see also from)
Taft, William Howard (1945-; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
United States President (1909-1913 : Taft) (see also from)
United States. War Department
United States. War Dept
Wilson, Woodrow (1856-1924)
榎本, 恒太郎
Address of President Taft at the banquet given in his honor by the Americus club
Address of president William H. Taft in front of the State House of Concord (N. H.), March 19, 1912
Amendment to the food and drugs act. Message from the President of the United States [W. H. Taft]...
American history in ballad and song 2 : Senior High school studies
Americans in the Philippines, The
Anti-Trust Act and the Supreme Court, The
B and B Documentary Records present an anthology of rhetoric
Barnard's Lincoln : the gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Taft to the city of Cincinnati : the creation and dedication of George Grey Barnard's statue of Abraham Lincoln, including the address of William Howard Taft.
Canadian reciprocity. Address by hon. William H. Taft,... before the Western Economic Society at Chicago, III., June 3, 1911, relative to reciprocity with Canada...
collected works of William Howard Taft, The
Communist, The : discours
Constitution of New Mexico, message from the president of the United States transmitting copy of the constitution of New Mexico...
delays and defects in the enforcement of law in this country; an address delivered before the Civic forum ... New York city, April 28, 1908, The
Desegregation at Little Rock : conversation avec le Gouverneur Faubus
English leadership.
Essential writtings and addresses
Ethics in service : adresses delivered in the Page Lecture Series, 1914, before the Senior Class of the Sheffield Scientific School, Yale Univeristy
Forts and artillery
Four aspects of civic duty ; and, Present day problems
From White House to log cabin : Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson, at the birth place of Abraham Lincoln
German-American loyalty : discours
God in freedom : studies in the relations between church and state : issued in commemoration of the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the constitutional establishment of religious libertry
Graphic materials and ephemera in the Katherine Golden Bitting Collection on Gastronomy.
Great speeches of 20th Century
Great War, The
[Hearing] Statement[s] of Hon. William H. Taft [on affairs of the Philippine Islands
Howard University, the necessity for its existence, development, and support: the influences of education in sustaining law, constituted authority, and governmental institutions.
In the matter of an arbitration between H.M. the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and His Excellency the President of the Republic of Costa Rica. Case submitted to the learned arbitrator [William H. Taft] on behalf of His Britannic Majesty in respect to the Royal Bank of Canada.
Index to the William Howard Taft papers.
Intoxicating liquors among Indians. Message from the President of the United States [W. H. Taft] submitting matters relative to the modification of certain treaties entered into with Indian tribes... in the restriction of intoxicating liquors...
Ist das Alkoholverbot ein Schlag gegen die persönliche Freiheit?
Justice and freedom for industry
legal rights of capital, labor, and the public ..., The
Letter from president William H. Taft to the Governors of the States on land and agricultural credit in Europe. (October 11, 1912.)
Liberty under law, an interpretation of the principles of our constitutional government
"Liberty under law" and selected supreme court opinions
Life insurance and its benefits
map of Mendon, Worcester County, Mass., A
menace of a premature peace, The : an address
Message of the President of the United States concerning the work of th*. -
Message of the President of the United States [W. H. Taft] concerning the work of the Departments of the post office, interior, agriculture and commerce and labor and district of Columbia affairs, communicated... December 19, 1912...
Message of the President of the United States [W. H. Taft] on economy and efficiency in the Government service...
Message of the President of the United States [W. H. Taft] on fiscal, judicial, military and insular affairs, communicated to the two Houses of Congress... December 6, 1912
Message of the President of the United States [W. H. Taft] on our foreign relations, communicated to the two Houses of Congress, December 3, 1912...
Missouri newspapers. William H. Taft
National parks: President Taft on a national parks bureau, address to the American civic association. National parks-the need of the future
Negro voter, The
Nuclear control : discours
Opportunities in the colonies and Cuba
Our Chief magistrate and his powers, by William Howard Taft,...
Papers on League of Nations
Philippine Islands. An address delivered before the Chautauqua society, August 11th, 1904, The
Philippine Islands, The : an address delivered before the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York, April 21st, 1904
Philippines: The first civil governor, The
photographic history of the Civil War, The
physical, political & international value of the Panama Canal, The
Plumas National Forest, California : 1910
Political issues and outlooks : speeches delivered between August 1908 and February 1909
Popular government and the Anti-Trust Act and the Supreme Court
Popular government its essence, its permanence and its perils
preliminary report on the fertilizer resources of the United States, A
presidency, its duties, its powers, its opportunities and its limitations;, The
President and his powers, The ; and, The United States and peace
Presidential addresses and state papers
Prisons and hospitals : the photographic history of the civil war
proposal for a league to enforce peace;, The
proposed arbitration treaties with Great Britain and France;, The
Recollections of Full Years
Red issue, The : discours
Reports of the Taft Philippine Commission : message from the President of the United States, transmitting a report of the Secretary of War, containing the reports of the Taft Commission, its several acts of legislation, and other important information relating to the condition and immediate wants of the Philippine Islands
Representative government in the United States being the opening lecture of the James Stokes lectureship on politics at New York University
Retirement from the classified civil service of superannuated employees. Message from the President of the United States [W. H. Taft] transmitting report on economy and efficiency on the subject of retirement from the classified civil service of superannuated employees
Revenue for the Philippine Islands : hearings before the Committee on the Philippines of the United States Senate. [Jan. 20-Feb. 28, 1906]
Service with fighting men : an account of the work of the American Young Men's Christian Associations in the world war
Shin bijin.
[Sketch of John Marshall Harlan.
Soldier life and the secret service
South and the national government, The
Spanish civil war, The : discours
Special Report of Wm. H. Taft Secretary of War to the President on the Philippines
Speech of James Schoolcraft Sherman, accepting the republican nomination for vice-president of the United States, together with the speech of notification by senator George Sutherland...
Speech of William Howard Taft accepting the republican nomination for President of the United States, together with the speech of notification by Senator Elihu Root, delivered at Washington... August 1, 1912
Statements of Hon. Wm. H. Taft, secretary of war.
Taft papers on League of Nations
Taft, Roosevelt, and the limits of firendship
Tariff Proceedings and Documents 1839-1857, accompanied by messages of the president, treasury reports, and bills
Treaty rights of aliens, by William Howard Taft..., The
U.S. presidential elections of 1908 and 1912
United States and peace
United States Supreme Court the prototype of a world court
Why a League of Nations is necessary
William H. Taft in Panama.
William H. Taft papers
William Howard Taft, 1857-1930; chronology, documents, bibliographical aids.
William Howard Taft : collected editorials, 1917-1921
William Howard Taft : essential writings and addresses
World peace; a written debate between William Howard Taft and William Jennings Bryan.
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Enforced Insurance of Bank Deposits
Farmer and the Republican Party, The
Foreign Missions
Function of the Next Administration
Irish Humor
Jury Trial in Contempt Cases
Philippines, The
Republican and Democratic Treatment of Trusts
Rights and Progress of the Negro
Rights of Labor
Roosevelt Policies
Unlawful Trusts