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Mearns, Edg. A.
Mearns, Edgar Alexander
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American jaguars., The
American night heron
Article XVI.--Description of a new subspecies of the eastern chipmunk, from the upper Mississippi region
Black-necked stilt
Cacomitl cat of the Rio Grande valley, The
Camp Thomas, Chickamauga Park, Ga., 1898
Central Arizona, archeological studies
Central Arizona, ruins and cliff dwellings
Cosniño Cañon
[Dead man lying on ground next to rifle--U.S. Army expeditions in Central Arizona]
Desc. of three new birds from the southern U. S.
Description of a hybrid between the barn and cliff swallows.
Description of a new rabbit from islands off the coast of Virginia.
Description of a new species of sunbird, Helionympha Raineyi, from British East Africa
Descriptions of eight new african bulbuls
[Emma Baldwin(?), daughter of Captain Theodore Baldwin, full-length portrait, standing with her horse, Mex, facing slightly right, Fort Verde, Arizona]
Four Mojave Indian chiefs--The second file from the left is "Rowdy", a Yuma Indian, acting as interpreter
Interior of Hosp. Train, Camp Hamilton for Ft Thomas
[Interior of Ward no. 37, U.S. Army 3rd Division hospital at Camp Hamilton, Ky, patients and nurses]
Knowles' Ranch, Beaver Creek, Arizona, "a new cycle begins"
Major C.B. McLellan's camp on Clear Creek, Arizona; en route to Fort Thomas, Arizona
Mammals of the Mexican boundary of the United States
'Montezuma's Castle', on Beaver Creek, Arizona. Showing cavate [sic] lodges below and to the right
native mammals of Rhode Island., The
new pocketmouse from southern California., A
Newport robin., The
Observations on the avifauna of portions of Arizona.
ocelot cats., The
On the mainland forms of the eastern deermouse
Philippine Islands, 1903-1916
Plattsburg, N.Y., ca. 1906
Preliminary diagnosis of new mammals of the genera Lynx, Urocyon, Spilogale, and Mephitis, from the Mexican boundary line.
[Pvt. Holmes and Pvt. Desmukes, of the 10th Cavalry, with two children, Lillian Mearns and Luther Williams, in kitchen camp at Fern Spring, near Baker's Butte, Mogallon Mountains, Arizona]
Ruins of village No. 20, south side, with the Verde River and Fort Verde shown in the distance
Set of two eggs of western red-tail
small, outlying building of village No. 20, about a hundred yards northwest of the main village, A
[Soldiers and families in camp in Central Arizona]
study of the sparrow hawks (subgenus Tinnunculus) of America, with especial reference to the continental species (Falco sparverius Linn.), A
successful hunters. Camp on Oak Creek, Arizona, The
[Three women and a man, all in uniform and on horseback, Fort Verde, Arizona]
Two new cats of the Eyra group from North America.
Two new species of poisonous sumachs from the states of Rhode Island and Florida.
[Two soldiers and two women on porch, with Afro-American woman and man to right, Fort Verde, Arizona]
Two subspecies which should be added to the checklist of North American birds.
Verde Valley and Beaver Creek, from our quarters, Fort Verde, Arizona
View of a third room, in which a great deal of pottery and many stone implements were unearthed in ruin shown in view 42 & 44
View of cliff-dwelling on west side of "Montezuma's Well," Beaver Creek, Arizona, from the south. December 26th, 1886
View on Beaver Creek, Arizona, 10 miles north of Fort Verde, looking northeast
Views in Arizona. Grand Canon, mouth of Cataract Creek, looking down
Views of Central Arizona, 1884-1887
Winter birds of Lake Worden, Washington County, Rhode Island--November 21 to December 24, 1900.