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Anglicus, Merlinus
L, W.
L, William Lilly
Lelly, Willem
Lilie, William
Lilli, Willem
Lilli, William
Lillie, William
Lillius, Gulielmus
Lilly, W.
Lilly, William
Lily, William
Merlinus (Anglicus)
W. L
W. L, William Lilly
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Ashmole, Elias (1617-1692)
Broun, Samuel ('s-Gravenhage)
Erra Pater
George Bell and Sons
Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
S.n. (S.l.)
Sawbridge, George (16..-1681))
Zadkiel, 1795 (1874)
Anglicus or an Ephemeris for 1682 dekivering mathematically the Mundane effects of this year and the prodigious comet seen all over Europe last year with its effects upon this terrestrial globe
astrologer's guide, The
Astrological predictions for the year 1677. Selections
book of knowledge;, The
Christian astrology. [from old catalog]
Christian astrology modestly treated of in three books. The first containing the use of an ephemeris. The second by a most methodicall way, instructeth the student how to judge or resolve all manner of questions contingent unto man ... The third, containes an exact method, whereby to judge upon nativities
collection of ancient and moderne prophesies concerning these present times, with modest observations thereon, A : The nativities of Thomas Earle of Strafford, and William Laud late Archbishop of Canterbury, His Majesties great favorites; astrologicall judgements upon their scheames; and the speech intended by the Earle of Strafford to have been spoken at his death
dangerous condition of the Vnited Provinces prognosticated, and plainly demonstrated, by Mr. William Lilly, in his observations of that comet which appeared in the year of our Lord, 1652. And published in his annual predictions in the year 1654, &c. Together with some hints, and touches, of the most inhumane and unparaleld crueltyes committed by the Dutch upon our English-men at Amboyna, Polaroone, and Lantore in the East-Indies .., The
Declaration of the several treasons, blasphemies, and misdemeanors acted, spoken, and published against God ... 1660:, A
Engelse waersegger van Mr. Willem Lelly ... over het jaer 1653
England's propheticall Merline. -
grammar of astrology and tables for calculating nativities
groatsworth of wit for a penny Or, the interpretation of dreams. ... By Mr. Lillie., A
history of the black art, or, Complete system of astrology and magic, The : consisting of various curious documents tending to elucidate this divine science.
Introduction to astrology
Lilli's propheticall history of .... -
Lilly's Astrology
Lilly's new errapater or, A prognostication for Eber Whereby any man may learn to give a certain judgment, of the weather throughout the whole year; so as to forced whether rain, snow, hail, wind or thunder shall happen in any month of the year, or day for ever, with abundance of ease, delight and satisfaction. Whereby also any may fore-know or prophesit of peace or war, of sickness, want, or plenty, of dearth of corn or cattle, that may befal in any year; according to Holy, Guidohonatus, Ptoloyy, and Lilly. With most excellent and approved rules for preserving the body in health. To which is added sundry useful and profitable observations in husbandry, according to the twelve months of the year (with allowance.)
Merlini Anglici ephemeris, or, Astrological judgments for the year 1666
Monarchy ofte geen monarchy in Engelant
Monarchy or no monarchy in England. : Grebner his prophecy concerning Charles son of Charles, his greatnesse, victories, conquests. The northern lyon, or lyon of the north, and chicken of the eagle discovered who they are, of what nation. English, Latin, Saxon, Scotish and Welch prophecies concerning England in particular, and all Europe in generall. Passages upon the life and death of the late King Charles. Ænigmaticall types of the future state and condition of England for many years to come
Mr. Lilly's new prophecy. -
Mr. William Lilly's history of his life and times
Necessary elections of times for all rational and humane actions
Palmistry, the secrets thereof disclosed, or A familiar easy, and new method, whereby to judge of the most general accidents of mans life from the lines of the hand, withal its dimensions and significations. Also many perticulars added, discovering the safety and danger of women in child-bed. With some choice of observations of phisiognomy, and the moles of the body. As also that most useful piece of astrology (long since promised) concerning elections for every particular occasion, now plainly manifested from rational principles of art. The second time imprinted. And much inlarged by the author, Richard Saunders, author of the former book of chyromancy and phisiognomy.
Pleasant observations of moles
prophecy of the White King. -, A
Svpernatvrall sights and apparitions seen in London, June 30. 1644. interpreted. With a mathematical discovrse of the now imminent conjunction of Iupiter and Mars, Iuly, 1644. the effects which either here or in some neere counties from thence may be expected.
Then högtberömbde engelske astrologi hn. Wilhelm Lillij merckelige beskriffninger och observationer, öfwer åhr 1659.
Two famous prophesies and predictions of Mr. William Lilly, the most judicious and learned astrologer of the age : taken from his secret writings, penned by him in 1644 ...
William Lilly's history of his life and times from the year 1602 to 1681
worlds catastrophe, The