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B, I.
B, Iohn Bulwer
B, J.
B, John Bulwer
Bulwer, Johann
Bulwer, Johannes
Bulwer, John
Bulwerus, Joannes
I. B, Iohn Bulwer
J. B
J. B, John Bulwer
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Mieth, Johann Christoph (fl. 1674-1699)
Portmann, Christian
University of Wisconsin--Madison
Anthropometamorphosis. -
Chirologia: or the naturall language of the hand
Chirologia: or the natvrall language of the hand : composed of the speaking motions, and discoursing gestures therof. Whereunto is added: Chironomia, or the art of manval rhetoricke: consisting of the naturall expressions, digested by art in the hand, as the chiefest instrument of eloquence, by historical manifesto's exemplified out of the authentique registers of common life, and civill conversation ; with types, of chyrograms: along wish'd for illustration of this argument
Chironomia or The art of manuall rhetorique. : With the canons, lawes, rites, ordinances, and institutes of rhetoricians, both ancient and moderne, touching the artificiall managing of the hand in speaking; whereby the naturall gestures of the hand, are made the regulated accessories or faire-spoken adjuncts of rhetoricall utterance; with types, or chirograms: a new illustration of this argument.
Chironomia, or the art of manval rhetoricke
Curiöse Schreiber von allerley künstlichen und erdencklichen Arthen zu schreiben, Der ; Itzt mit vielen andern Raritäten, ... vermehret ; [Wie auch Joh. Bollwers Gedancken von unterschiedener Formirung der Hände] ; Samt dem Curiösen Mahler
curiose Schreiber von allerley künstlichen und erdencklichen Arthen zu schreiben, Der ; Itzt ... vermehrter ; [Wie auch Joh. Bollwers [Bulwer] Gedancken von unterschiedener Formirung der Hände] ; Sambt dem curiosen Mahler
dumbe mans academie
John Bulwer's Chirologia ... Chironomia ; a facsimile edition with introduction and notes
Observationes Von Unterschiedener Figur der Hände. -
Observationes von unterschiedener Formirung der Hände
Oxford DNB (Web), 2 May 2012:
Pathomyotomia or a dissection. -
Pathomyotomia or Dissection of the significative muscles of the affections of the minde : being an essay to a new method of observing the most important movings of the muscles of the head as they are the neerest and immediate organs of the voluntarie or impetuous motions of the mind. With the proposall of a new nomenclature of the muscles
Philocophus or, The deafe and dumbe mans friend : exhibiting the philosophicall verity of that subtile art, which may inable one with an observant eie, to heare what any man speaks by the moving of his lips. Upon the same ground, with the advantage of an historicall exemplification, apparently proving, that a man borne deafe and dumbe, may be taught to heare the sound of words with his eie, & thence learne to speake with his tongue
reducción de las letras y arte para enseñar a hablar a los mudos
view of the people of the whole world, 1654:, A
' wherein is taught a new and admired art instructing them who are borne deafe and dumbe to heare the sound of words with theire eie and thence learne to speake with theire tongue:' illustrated with engraved plates shewing the different portions of the hands.
Verifax reproduction of the 1644 ed. in the University of Wisconsin Library, with typescript introduction and notes
Editor's thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1956