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Hayes, Phil
Hayes, Philip
Hayes, Philip ((composer))
Hayes, Phillip
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Cooke, Benjamin (1734-1793)
Dupuis, Thomas Sanders
Frostenson, Anders (1906-20064lyr)
Hayes, William (1708-1777)
Kviberg, Daniel (1922-)
Rabe, Emil (1920-)
Russell, William (19..-.... compositeur)
Schoenberg, Jacob
Webbe, Samuel (1740-1816)
Weldon, John
Wesley, Samuel (1766-1837)
All people that on earth do dwell (The hundredth psalm [XCIX]) (4 v. orch. et o.)
Apollonian harmony : a collection of scarce & celebrated glees, catches, madrigals, canzonetts, rounds & canons, antient & modern, with some originals
Blessed are all they that fear the Lord (Solo anthem) (4 v. et o.)
Blessed art thou o Lord (Part of the 119th. [CXX] psalm) (3 v. et o.)
Bow down thine Ear o Lord (Full anthem) (4 v. et o.)
Bring unto the Lord (Anthem) (4 v. et o.)
Cantate Domino
catches and glees: the muses tribute to beauty
Cathedral chants of the XVI, XVII, XVIII centuries, edited by Edward F. Rimbault
Cathedral music in score composed, by Dr William Hayes,...
Deus misereatur
eight anthems
English keyboard concertos, 1740-1815
Gloria patri
Great is the Lord (Anthem) (5 v. et o.)
Grove music online:
Harmonia Wiccamica, 1780:
have set God always before me (Solo anthem) (6 v. et o.), I
hsţdrwţ stʻs yşrʼl ʼrq şyry -wẖwẕ lwqtw.yẖ bgrmn hẖlwq wẖmţdrwţ yẖ bgrmn ẖmkby.şwbrg yʻqb rr׳ ʻ״׳ ʼw
Introduction and fugue in F (on a chant, by Dr. Philip Hayes) [pour orgue], composed by... Crotch
judgement of Hermes., The
Konzerte ... (1769)
Kyrie eleison
lives and works of William and Philip Hayes, 1995:, The
Lob Gott getrost mit Singen...
Lord (bis) even the most mighty God (Anthem) (5 v. et o.), The
Lord how long... wilt thou by angry (Full anthem) (5 v.)
Lord is good (Anthem) (1 v. et o.), The
Lord presserveth (bis) all them (Full anthem) (5 v. et o.), The
Lord, thou hast been our refuge (Full anthem) (4. et o.)
muses delight, the
music collection at the Bodleian Library, Oxford, The
music manuscripts of William Boyce and Maurice Greene, The
Nicene creed
O be joy full... in God all ye lands (Full anthem) (4 v. et o.)
O give thanks (Verse anthem) (3 v. et o.)
O God (bis) thou art my God (Solo anthem) (4 v. et o.)
O worship the Lord (Anthem) (4 v. et o.)
Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem (Anthem) (6 v. et o.)
Praise the Lord, o my soul (Solo anthem) (5 v. et o.)
Save Lord, and hear us (Full anthem) (5 v et o.)
six concertos
six sonatas
sixteen psalms
succession of organists, the
şyry ʼrẕ yşdʼl mtʻm h sţdrwţ ẖmkby bgrmnyh whsţdrwţ hẖlwẕ bgrmnyh
Te Deum, The
Ubi sunt gaudia (Wo ist Freude) ; für alle Chorgattungen mit Klavier/Orgel oder Streicher ad libitum
Unto Thee, O God, do we give thanks (Anthem) (4 v. et o.)
Whoso dwelleth (bis) under the defence of the most High (Solo anthem) (4 v. et o.)
will give thanks (Solo anthem) (4 v. et o.), I
Wo ist Freude
הסתדרות סטעס ישראל ארק שירי -וחוצ לוקטו.יח בגרםנ החלוק וחםתדרות יח בגרםנ חםכבי.שוברג יעקב רר׳ ע״׳ או
שירי ארץ ישדאל מטעם ה סתדרות חמכבי בגרמניה והסתדרות החלוץ בגרמניה