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Hine, Lewis
Hine, Lewis W.
Hine, Lewis Wickes
Hine, Lewis Wickes (American photographer, 1874-1940)
Lewis W. Hine
Lewis Wickes Hine
Wickes Hine, Lewis
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Doherty, Jonathan L.
Fundación MAPFRE
International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House
IVAM Centre Julio González
Kaplan, Daile
Langer, Freddy (1957-)
National Child Labor Committee (U.S.)
Nederlands Fotomuseum
Nordström, Alison
Rosenblum, Naomi
Rosenblum, Walter
Steinorth, Karl
strand paul
Trachtenberg, Alan
Zschocke, Nina
A.R.C. Balkan Survey--"Wuxtrie," here is the newsie of Belgrade
All work and no play : photographies du National Child Labor Committee (1908-1918)
America & [and] Lewis Hine : photographs 1904-1940
Applicants for Red Cross food orders while away the time in singing, instead of standing in line. The scene is at Lonoke, Arkansas, and these drought-stricken farmers ...
Arkansas farmer, undismayed by last year's drought, prepares his ground for another crop, The
[Child getting water in old tenement]
Children at work
Colored beneficiary of Red Cross in the Ozark foothills, near Damascus, Arkansas
Empire State building photographs, The
enfant au travail 1908-1912, L'
Fotografija 20. stoljeća - Muzej Ludwig u Koelnu
Jacob A. Riis : Beginn einer sozialkritischen Fotografie in den USA, mit weiteren Bildern von Lewis Hine ... [et al.] : Ausst., 28. Nov. 1971 bis 5. Jan. 1972, Museum Folkwang, Essen
Kids at work : Lewis Hine and the crusade against child labor
Lewis Hine 1874-1940 : catalogue of the exhibition organised by the Side Gallery for the Arts Council of Great Britain, London.
Lewis Hine : de la collection de la George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film : Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson, Paris, du 7 septembre au 18 décembre 2011, Fundación Mapfre, Madrid, du 6 février au 24 avril 2012, Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, du 15 septembre 2012 au 6 janvier 2013
Lewis Hine en la colección de la George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film, 2011
Lewis Hine : [exposición], Sala de Exposiciones de la Fundación Luis Cernuda, 10 de octubre - 28 de noviembre de 1991
Lewis Hine from the collections of George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film
Lewis Hine in Europe : the lost photographs
Lewis Hine : IVAM Centre Julio González, 1 de marzo-25 de abril de 1991
Lewis Hine : Museo Casa Natal de Jovellanos, Gijón, 6 de junio-4 de julio de 1991
Lewis Hine : [Paris], Musée Carnavalet, 6 novembre 1990 - 6 janvier 1991
Lewis Hine : passionate journey, photographs 1905-1937
Lewis Hine : photographs of child labor in the new South
Lewis Hine : the W.P.A. project : the worker and machine 1936-37 : October 18-November 25, 1989
Lewis W. Hine : (1874-1940) : [Katalog der Ausstellung], Kunsthalle Basel, 16.März-20.April 1980
Lewis W. Hine, 1874-1940 : [progressive photographer]
Lewis W. Hine, 1874-1940 : two perspectives
Lewis W. Hine : 1974-1940 : two perspectives
Lewis W. Hine : children at work
Lewis W. Hine [photographies]
Lewis Wickes Hine's Interpretive photography : the six early projects
Little Orphan Annie in a Pittsburgh Institution
Lunch hour in the Duncan Consolidated country school, in Mississippi. Lunches furnished by the Red Cross
Men at work, 1932.
Men at work : photographic studies of modern men and machines
Millville, N.J. Jan. 1937. Hand-blown bottles in a "turn-mould" in the T.C. Wheaton Company. A "mould-boy" in the mould hole opens the mould to release bottle and closes it again around the new hot "glob" of glass that has been inserted by the blower
Miscellaneous child labor in the United States
More than 500 carloads of foodstuffs were donated to the Red Cross for the drought sufferers, from northern, central and western states--In this warehouse at Lonoke, Arkansas, the Red Cross dispensed these donated supplies, under direct charge of the Mayor
Mother carrying her sick boy about the streets of Belgrade, in search of relief
[National Child Labor Committee collection]
oldest daughter was cooking the meager supper when the Red Cross relief came to this home of a farmer in Pulaski County, Arkansas. The mother was in a tuberculosis sanitarium, The
On a Kentucky mountainside a small farmer has built this home. Hundreds of makeshift homes like these, and rural cabin homes, housed beneficiaries of Red Cross drought relief help
On the way to market at Mendria, Greece
Photo story : selected letters and photographs of Lewis W. Hine
proud father of this girl, said, "My girl is as good as any boy I've ever seen. Around the farm, she's a good helper, and she's a mighty hunter, too" ... In the Ozark Foothills, near Damascus, Ark., The
Rapid transit in Belgrade, Serbia
Red Cross beneficiaries near Cleveland, Mississippi
Red Cross bought a half million assortments of seeds, fourteen to eighteen varieties in each collection, to give to drought-stricken farmers for garden plots. Here, at Stuttgart, Arkansas, the Red Cross is distributing these free seeds which will plant a quarter acre plot, The
Red Cross distributes a carload of citrus fruit donated for the drought-stricken in Mississippi, by fruit growers around Lake Wales, Florida
Red Cross food orders and free seed for quarter acre garden plots are given white and colored farmers by the Red Cross chapter at Cleveland, Mississippi
Red Cross rations kept this widow and her family during the winter, in their log home in the Kentucky Mountains. Drought had burned up their crops ...
Red Cross volunteers cooked and served the luncheons--This rural school near Lonoke, Arkansas, shows ...
[Red Cross workers dispense donated supplies to draught sufferers in a warehouse in Lonoke, Arkansas]
[Reproductions from original Lewis W. Hine negatives in the George Eastman House archive.
[Returned refugee, who is building a house, with woman and child, outside the house, near Kemmel Hill, Belgium]
roof over his head was saved by the Red Cross, and his food and seeds for his garden plot also were from the Red Cross. Albert Wetherspoon, 70 year-old colored man, is a beneficiary of the drought relief work. A foreclosure on his little farm was put off through Red Cross intervention, The
Rural child welfare : an inquiry by the National Child Labor Committee, based upon conditions in West Virginia
Rural consolidated school near Lonoke, Arkansas--Hot beef and vegetable stew, buttered bread and milk was the usual Red Cross lunch program ...
scene on the road to Semendria, A
share cropper, A
Smith School, a little country school near Sunflower, Mississippi--Teacher giving out grapefruit from Lake Wales, Florida, donated to the Red Cross
street scene in Belgrade, Serbia, A
Study of a colored child, a beneficiary of the Red Cross drought relief work in Mississippi
Subcellar dwelling in the burned district, Salonika, Greece
Teacher distributing fruit, sent to the Red Cross from Lake Wales, Florida, to African American school children outside school near Shaw, Mississippi]
[Tenement boy picking food from garbage]
[Tenement children]
Tenement homework. Child labor in homes in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island
Tenement Madonna
This family in Pulaski County, Arkansas, was one of the Red Cross beneficiaries in the drought relief work
This tenant farmer on a Mississippi plantation has a family of nine to feed ...
This widow and her children, in a mountain home in Kentucky had to turn to the Red Cross when the drought burned up their crops
To relieve the urgent food needs in an isolated mountain community, the Red Cross Chapter took up truck loads of cornmeal ... The little farms which these folks own completely failed them, due to the drought
[Turkish boy in Salonika, Greece, smiling and carrying food he obtained from the Red Cross]
[Turkish boy with braid in his hair, in memory of his two sisters who died, Skoplie, Serbia]
Type of school girl in the Lonoke County, Arkansas, rural schools, where the Red Cross had a school lunch program as part of drought relief
Typical Arkansas farmer, photographed as he came into Stuttgart, Arkansas, for Red Cross garden seeds
Typical colored school near Shaw, Mississippi. It is held in a church. The teacher is distributing fruit sent to the Red Cross from Lake Wales, Florida
Typical Kentucky mountaineer home--70 year-old grandfather cooking his Red Cross bacon over the fire for himself and grandson
Uncle gets some citrus fruit to pep up his appetite, Cleveland, Miss.
Unloading a carload of oranges and grapefruit, donated to the Red Cross at Lake Wales, Florida, and unloaded for the drought sufferers around Cleveland, Miss.
Very needy beneficiaries of the Red Cross drought funds on a plantation near Cleveland, Miss. Besides food, clothing, shoes, etc., were needed here
[View through doorway of home in Salonika, Greece, showing family dining as boy of the house picks out nut meats in foreground]
Waiting for pappy to come home with something to eat. Another of the children of the war veterans, living in the foot-hills of the Ozarks, in Arkansas, who lost all of his foodstuffs in the drought
Waiting for Red Cross food orders. A typical scene in the more than 750 counties in 20 drought-stricken states, where volunteer chapter workers carried on a huge task of relieving the sufferers ...
"Well, the Red Cross jest about saved our lives," said this Arkansas farmer
[Woman holding child on houseboat stranded on the banks of the Mississippi River]
Women at work : 153 photographs
Work with foreigners