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Norfolciensis, Phileleutherus
One of His Majesty's justices of the peace
Parr, Samuel
Phileleutherus (Norfolciensis)
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Calcraft, Emily
E. B. H, [from old catalog]
Gaultier, J.
H, E. B. ([from old catalog])
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
North, William North Baron, 1678-1734
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Ramsay, Allan (1713-1784)
Addenda ad præfationem quæ editioni secundæ trium librorum Gulielmi Bellendeni De statu, præfixa est
Aphorisms, opinons, and reflections of the late Dr. Parr.
Bibliotheca Parriana. A catalogue of the library of the late reverend and learned Samuel Parr ...
Clavis universalis
Conjecturae quaedam de sensu, nota et idearu, generatione
Considerations on the poor laws and the treatment of the poor, 1817:
Considerations on the poor laws and the treatment of the poor : with suggestions for making the public annuitants contributory to their support
Considerations on the poor laws, and the treatment of the pooraking the public annuitants contributory to their support
discourse on education and on the plans pursued in charity-schools. By S. Parr, L.L.D, A
discourse on the late fast. By Phileleutherus Norfolciensis, A
free translation of the preface to Bellendenus; containing animated strictures on the great political characters of the present time, A
Gulielmi Bellendeni magistri supplicum libellorum augusti regis magnae britanniae, &c. : De statu libri tres.
letter from Irenoplis [sic] to the inhabitants of Eleutheropolis, or, A serious address to the dissenters of Birmingham, A
letter from Irenopolis to the inhabitants of Eleutheropolis; or, a serious address to the Dissenters of Birmingham. By a member of the established Church, A
Man in quest of himself, or a Defence of the individuality of the human mind or self
Metaphysical tracts by English philosophers of the eighteenth century consisting of 1, Clavis unversalis...
Metaphysical tracts by english philosophers of the eigteenth century
Praefatio ad III Gul. Bellendeni ll. de Statu
Praefatio ad tert. Gul. Bellendeni ll. de Statu
Praefationis ad III Gul. Bellendeni ll. de Statu Ed. II
Præfationis ad tres Gulielmi Bellendeni libros, de statu, editio secunda.
Remarks on the statement of Dr. Charles Combe. By an occasional writer in the British Critic
sequel to the printed paper lately circulated in Warwickshire by the Rev. Charles Curtis, A
Serious address to the dissenters of Birmingham
sketch of the character of the late Lord Erskine, A
specimen of true philosophy, A
spital sermon, preached at Christ church, upon Easter Tuesday, April 15, 1800:, A
statu libri tres, De
Two sermons, 1780:
works of Samuel Parr, with memoirs of his life and writings, and a selection from his correspondence, The
Works ... with memoirs ... and ... correspondence by John Johnstone. M. D.