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Sweet, ..
Sweet, Robert
Sweet, Robert ((botanist))
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Curtis, William (1746-1799))
Don, David (1799-1841))
Don, George (1798-1856))
Drapiez, Pierre Auguste Joseph (1778-1856))
Haworth, Adrian Hardy (1767-1833))
Lindley, John (1799-1865))
Ridgway, J. (Londen)
Smith, E.D.
Willis, G.
abutilon indicum
agonis flexuosa
argemone ochroleuca
babiana angustifolia
banksia dryandroides
British flower garden, (series the second,) containing coloured figures and descriptions of the most ornamental and curious hardy flowering plants, The
callistemon glaucus
Cistineae. - 1829-30
Cistineæ. The natural order of Cistus
coreopsis grandiflora
cyanotis axillaris
dillwynia pungens
Edwards's botanical register
Flora australasica; or, A selection of handsome, or curious plants, natives of New Holland
Flore des serres et jardins de l'Angleterre : présentant toutes les plantes récemment introduites en Angleterre, et que font successivement connaître les ouvrages périodiques, publiés sous les titres de Botanical magazine, Botanical register, Botanical cabinet
florist's guide, The
Geraniaceae : The natural order of gerania, illustrated by coloured figures and descriptions; comprising the numerous and beautiful mule-varieties cultivated in the gardens of Great Britain, with directions for their treatment
hakea ferruginea
Hortus suburbanus Londinensis. -
hothouse and greenhouse manual, or botanical cultivator ..., The
hovea chorizemifolia
ipomoea cairica
lablab purpureus
lachenalia mutabilis
monograph on the subordo v of Amaryllideae, containing the Narcissineae, A
moraea flaccida
orthrosanthus multiflorus
senna barclayana
sphenotoma gracile
Sweet's Hortus britannicus; or, A catalogue of plants, indigenous, or cultivated in the gardens of Great Britain arranged according to their natural orders, with references to the Linnean class and order to which each genus belongs; the whole brought up to the present time, and contains above 34,000 plants
wahlenbergia stricta