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Author of Difficiles nugae
Difficiles nugae, Author of
Hale, Mathew
Hale, Matthaeus
Hale, Matthew
Hale, Matthew (Judge)
Hale, Matthew ((jurist))
Hale, Matthew (Sir)
Hales, Matthew
Hales, Matthew (Mr)
Hales, Matthew (Sir)
Learned Hand
Person of great learning and judgment
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Language material
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Butler, Charles (1750-1832)
Coke, Edward Sir, 1552-1634
Emlyn, Sollom (1697-1754)
Fitzherbert, Anthony (1470-1538)
Hargrave, Francis (1741?-1821)
Nottingham, Heneage Finch Earl of, 1621-1682
Suringar, Gerard Tjaard Nicolaas (Leeuwarden)
Ventris, Peyton (1645-1691)
Wilson, George -1816
Wyndham, Wadham Sir, 1609-1668
Yale, D. E. C.
collection of modern relations ... concerning witches, A
collection of tracts relative to the law of England, from manuscripts, A
Commentary upon Littleton
Conductor generalis: or, The office, duty and authority of justices of the peace, high-sheriffs, under-sheriffs, goalers, coroners, constables, jury-men, and overseers of the poor As also the office of clerks of assize, and of the peace, &c
Contemplations moral and divine
Difficiles nugæ, or, Observations touching the Torricellian experiment, and the various solutions of the same, especially touching the weight and elasticity of the air
Discourse of the knowledge of god, and of our selves i. by the light of nature, ii. by the sacred scriptures
Discourse touching provision for the poor
epitome of Judge Hale's contemplations, in his account of the good steward, An
estimate of the comparative strength of Britain during the present and four preceding reigns; and of the losses of her trade from every war since the revolution., An
Great audit; or good steward. being some necessary and important considerations to be considered of by all sorts of people
Hale and fleetwood on admiralty jurisdiction
Hale. Common Law. London 1779
Herausforderung des Verfassungsstaates, Die : Hobbes und englische Juristen
Historia placitorum coronæ The history of the pleas of the crown
History and analysis of the common law of England
History of the common law of england divided into twelve chapters
jurisdiction of the Lords House, or Parliament, The : considered according to ancient records
Letter of advice to his grandchildren, mathew, gabriel, anne, mary and france hale
Londons liberties, 1682:
M. Hale's leven en brieven aan zijne kinderen, benevens de verantwoording eens christens wegens zijn gehouden rentmeesterschap
new Natura brevium of the most reverend judge, Mr. Anthony Fitz-Herbert, The : together with the authorities in law, and cases in the books of reports cited in the margin.
New Natura brevium with Sir Matthew Hale's commentary
Nouvelle Natura brevium.
Observations touching the principles of natural motions, and especially touching rarefaction & condensation together with a reply to certain remarks touching the gravitation of fluids
Pleas of the crown, or, A brief but full account of whatsoever can be found relating to that subject
Pleas of the crown or a methodical summary of the principal matters relating to that subject
Primitive origination of mankind, considered & examined according to the light of nature
Recueil contenant: Réglemens des établissemens de charité du canton de Berne. Rapport de l'Institut des indigens de Hambourg. Instructions pour la junte d'hospice et de réfuge de Barcelone. Législation anglaise concernant les pauvres infirmes, les valides et les vagabonds. Institution de bienfaisance, en faveur des artisans de Berlin et de Potsdam. Publié par ordre du Ministre de l'Intérieur.
reports of Sir Peyton Ventris ... In two parts., The
rolle's abridgment
Short treatise touching sherrifs accompts
Sir Matthew Hale's The prerogatives of the King
Sir Matthew Hale's three epistles to his children
Some thoughts on the nature of true religion By Sir Matthew Hale, lord chief justice of the King's Bench. To which is added, a letter from Walter Rawleigh to his lady, after his condemnation.
student's companion
successionibus apud anglos, or, A treatise of hereditary descents shewing the rise, progress and successive alterations thereof and also the laws of descent as they are now in use, De
Systematic arrangement of lord coke's first institute of the laws of england, on the plan of sir matthew hale's analysis
Treatise shewing how usefull, safe, reasonable, and beneficial the inrolling & registring of all conveyances of lands may be to the inhabitants of this kingdom
Tryal of witches, at the Assizes held at Bury St. Edmonds for the county of Suffolk, on the tenth day of March, 1664, before Sir Matthew Hale Kt., then Lord Chief Baron of His Majesties Court of Exchequer
works, moral and religious, of Sir Matthew Hale, knt. ..., The