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Le Neve, John
LeNeve, John
Neve, Johannes
Neve, John Le
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Greenway, Diana Eleanor (1937-)
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University of London. Institute of Historical Research
, being the manuscript diary of [[peter le neve]], later printed in part in the
, but depended also on original research. before the end of the century twenty copies existed which had been annotated and brought up to date by other antiquaries. [[john gutch]] was urged to edit a new edition. in 1854 [[thomas duffus hardy]] published at oxford an expanded edition in three volumes, in which le neve's 11,051 entries were extended to 30,000.*
, &c., appeared in 1716 in folio. it borrowed from [[white kennett]]'s
Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae, 1541-1857
Fasti ecclesiæ anglicanæ: or, An essay towards deducing a regular succession of all the principal dignitaries in each cathedral, collegiate church or chapel (now in being) in those parts of Great Britain called England and Wales, from the first erection thereof, to this present year 1715.
). he quotes largely from
. in 1716 le neve also published in london his
. in 1720 he published in two parts
. le neve's major work, his
lives and characters, deaths, burials, and epitaphs, works of piety, charity, and other munificent benefactions of all the Protestant bishops of the Church of England since the reformation, The
. many of the inscriptions were communicated by the monumental masons who set them up. in his preface he states that he was prompted by [[john weever]]'s 'funerall monuments,' published in 1631. in 1718 he issued separately two more volumes, covering the periods 1650-1679 and 1680-1699. in 1718 appeared a fourth volume, covering the period 1600-49, and he announced that he was making collections of the same sort, beginning at the year 1400, but these collections were never printed. later in that year he issued a fifth volume, containing a supplement of monuments between 1650 and 1718.*
memoirs, british and foreign, of the lives and families of the most illustrious persons who died in the years 1711 and 1712,' 2 vols./ref this was probably suggested to him by his kinsman peter, whose collections were at his service.*
memoirs etc.
Next Easter term will be publish'd Monumenta anglicana being inscriptions on the monuments of several eminent persons deceas'd in or since the year 1700. Deduced into a series of time by way of annals. ... Intended as a specimen of a much larger work. By John Le Neve, gent.
, of which he is known only to have written the preface.*
Some short memorials concerning the life of that Reverend Divine Doctor Richard Field : Prebendarie of Windsor and Dean of Glocester : the learned author of five books of the church