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Gillray, ..
Gillray, James
Gillray, James (British caricaturist, 1757-1815)
Gilray, James
James Gillray
ギルレイ, ジェイムズ
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Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Anónimo español s. XIX
Biencourt (18..-18..? donateur)
Bohn, Henry G. (1796-1884)
Bohn, Henry George (1796-1884)
Dalrymple, John Sir, 1726-1810
Gillray, James (1757-1815)
Guratzsch, Herwig
Hill, Draper
Humphrey, H.
Lesouëf, Auguste (1829-1906)
Vinck, Carl de (1859-19.)
Wilkinson, Robert (17..-1... éditeur)
Wright, Thomas (1810-1877)
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Triomphe de la liberté en l'elargissement de la Bastille dedié à la nation française, par leurs respectueux admirateurs James Gillray & Robert Wilkinson [estampe], Le
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Zenith of French glory, the Pinnacle of Liberty Religion, Justice, Loyalty, & all the bugbears of unenlighten'd minds, farewell [estampe], The
Zenith of French glory _ the pinnacle of liberty religion, justice, loyalty & all the bugbears of unenlightened minds, farewell [estampe], The
ジェイムズ・ギルレイ展 : 諷刺が語るー18世紀末英国事情 : 館蔵品目錄