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Nast, Th
Nast, Thomas
Nast, Thomas (American cartoonist and illustrator, 1840-1902)
Nast, Thos
Thomas Nast
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Language material
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Billings, Josh (1818-1885)
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"All Hail and Farewell to the Pacific Railroad." Wendell Phillips [Indian with knife lying on track in path of oncoming locamotive, Rocky Mountains in background]
American River Ganges. The priests and the children, The
apple of discord at the Geneva tribunal, The
art and politics of Thomas Nast, The
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Christmas drawings for the human race.
Christmas station
Death at the polls, and free from "Federal Interference"
emancipation of the negroes, January, 1863 - The past and the future, The
Every public question with an eye only to the public good
"Get thee behind me, (Mrs.) Satan!"
Good (pure white) Shepherd, The
[Grand caricaturama]
Greek slave, The
group of vultures waiting for the storm to "Blow Over" - "Let Us Prey", A
Hans Brinker; or, The silver skates a story of life in Holland
Ignis fatuus
In memoriam - our civil service as it was
Killing the goose that laid the golden egg
"Move on!" Has the Native American no rights that the naturalized American is bound to respect?
Mr. John H. Keyser.s (the poor but honest plumber) $ 650 000 returned (on trust)
"News" in Washington
night before Christmas, c2005:, The
Noble Red Man", "The
"None but the brave deserves the fair"
[Otyły mężczyzna na czele grupy innych mężczyzn]
Pictures from Italy
President of the United States and his Cabinet for 1872(?), The
rag baby, The
Rebel general startled in his camp by the beautiful and unexpected display of northern light, A ; What they say of us & what we are
Rebel guerrilla raid in a western town, A
Republic is not ungrateful, The
[Robert Edward Lee, full-length portrait, seated at table, facing left]
Robert Roosevelt will not be minister to Holland this time but minister to great Ireland, because he loves the Irish so
Roman Catholic mission from England to the "heathens" of America, A
Root, hog, or die
rough is ready. The Southern epidemic will spread north if not checked, The
same ultramontane cat all over the world, The
[Santa Claus on stage pulling back curtain containing illustrations of various fairy tales]
Secretary of the Interior investigating the Indian Bureau, The
Senator Edmunds, "the substitute" of James G. Blaine in the Senate now
Silver skates
Sketch for the domestic blockade
Sketches by Boz
Soldier's lot is not a happy one, A
Stand from under!
step in the right direction, A
"Stop Thief!"
Stranger things have happened. Hold on, and you may walk over the sluggish animal up there yet
Thanks to Grant
Thomas Nast: cartoons and illustrations.
Thomas Nast : Karikaturen : Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern, Januar-Februar 1978.
Thomas Nast pictures of Civil War reporters.
Thomas Nast, political cartoonist
Thomas Nast's Christmas drawings
Tilden's "Wolf at the door, gaunt and hungry" - Don't let him in
trouble has commenced--a tale of anxiety, The
truce - not a compromise, but a chance for high-toned gentlemen to retire gracefully from their very civil declarations of war, A
Trying to bully and browbeat each other
U.S. Grant
Union soldiers in Andersonville prison
"Upon what meat doth this our Caesar feed that he hath grown so great?"--Daily Press question
usual summer eruption, The
Vindicated!--Sweeping accusations
war in the west, The
Washington, Lincoln, and Grant
Well may the West ask, "is this the civilized East?"
"Where there is an evil" (Caesarism scare) "There is a remedy" - (Ridicule)
Who shall rule?
"Why we laugh"
Wilful [i.e. Willful] slavery makes woful [i.e. woeful] suffering
William Tell -- will not surrender or bow to the old hat
"Willie, we have missed you!"
Winter found the usual crowds of skaters on Northern ponds, ...
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus
Young American roast beef for old England
Young, Dictionary of American Artists (1968)
youngest introducing the oldest, The