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Benjamin Henry Latrobe
Boneval, Benjamin Henry Latrobe
La Trobe, Benjamin Henry
Latrobe, B. H.
Latrobe, B. Henry
Latrobe, Benjamin
Latrobe, Benjamin H.
Latrobe, Benjamin Henry
Latrobe, Benjamin Henry Boneval
Latrobe, Benjamin Henry (British architect and engineer, 1764-1820, active in the United States)
Latrobe, Benjn. Henry
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Brownell, Charles E.
Carter, Edward Carlos (1928-)
Cohen, Jeffrey A. (1952-))
District of Columbia. Office of the Surveyor
Forbush, William B. III.
Formwalt, Lee W.
Jefferson, Thomas (1743-1826)
latrobe henry boneval
Maryland Historical Society
Stapleton, Darwin H. (1947-....))
Van Horne, John C.
American copper-mines
answer to the Joint Committee of the Select and Common Councils of Philadelphia, on the subject of a plan for supplying the city with water, &c., An
Architectural drawing for a fireproof repository for the Treasury Department, Washington, D.C.
Architectural drawings for a house, Richmond, Virginia
[Armory ("U.S. Arsenal"), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
[Asylum and hospital ("Marine Asylum & Hospital"), Washington, D.C.
[Bank building ("2nd Bank of the United States"), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Capitol of the U.S. at Washington - from the original design of the architect, B.H. Latrobe, Esqre.
Characteristic anecdotes and miscellaneous authentic papers, tending to illustrate the character of Frederic II, late king of Prussia.
Design of a city hall proposed to be built in New York
Elevation of the south front of the President's house.
Engineering drawing for waterworks ("Philadelphia Waterworks")
Engineering drawings for a canal ("Washington Canal"), Washington, D.C.
[House ("Decatur House") for Commodore Stephen Decatur, 748 Jackson Place, N.W., Washington, D.C.
[House ("Pope House") for John Pope, Lexington, Kentucky.
[Houses and a church ("Buildings Erected or Proposed to be Built in Virginia").
Impressions respecting New Orleans diary & sketches, 1818-1820
Journal of latrobe being the notes and sketches of an architect, naturalist and traveler in the united states from 1796 to 1820
Latrobe collection
Latrobe's view of America, 1795-1820 : selections from the watercolors and sketches
Macmillan Encyclopedia of Architects (1982)
Map exhibiting the property of the U.S. in the vicinity of the Capitol : colored red, with the manner in which it is proposed to lay off the same in building lots, as described in the report to the Sup't of the city to which this is annexed
Memorial of Benjamin H. Latrobe, late Surveyor of the Public Buildings in the city of Washington, in vindication of his professional skill
[Military academy.
Naval architecture drawing for a vessel ("Stern of the Sloop of War Hornet")
Negative microfilm of three volumes of Latrobe's original architectural drawings
Notices of Parkersburg, Virginia, as it is in July, 1860
Opinion on a project for removing the obstructions to a ship navigation to Georgetown, Col.
Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe. Series I, Journals
Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe. Series II, Architectural and engineering drawings
Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe. Series III, Sketchbooks and miscellaneous drawings
Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe. Series IV, Correspondence and miscellaneous papers
Plan of part of the city of Richmond, shewing the situation of the proposed building.
Plan of the galleries of St. John's Church Washington
Plan of the principal story of the Capitol, U.S.
Plan of the west end of the public appropriation in the city of Washington, called the Mall : as proposed to be arranged for the site of the university
Plan of wharfing : [Anacostia River waterfront, Washington D.C.]
[Plans and sections of the proposed continuation of the Washington Canal from Rock Creek to Little Falls of the Potomac, Washington D.C.]
[Powder magazine for the Navy Department, Gosport Navy Yard, Portsmouth, Virginia.
Private letter to the individual members of congress, on the subject of the public buildings of the united states at washington
Recherches nouvelles sur l'histoire ancienne.
Report upon the plan of construction of several of the principal rail roads in the northern and middle states and upon a railway structure for a new track on the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road
Section of the northern course of the canal from the tide in the Elk River at Frenchtown to the forked [oak] in Mr. Rudulph's swamp : [Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, Maryland portion]
[Sketch plan for landscaping the grounds of the President's House, ca. 1802-05].
[Steam engine, Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D.C.
Susquehanna River survey map
[Theater and hotel building ("Theatre, Assembly Rooms and an hotel"), Richmond, Virginia.
[U.S. Capitol and Pennsylvania Avenue before 1814]
[United States Capitol, Washington, D.C.
United States. Surveyor of the Public Buildings. Message from the president of the United States, transmitting a report of the Surveyor of the Public Buildings, 1809:
View of the practicability and means of supplying the city of Philadelphia with wholesome water in a letter to John Miller, esquire, from B. Henry Latrobe, engineer. December 29th, 1798
White House ("President's House") Washington, D.C., [The