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Poulett Scrope, G.
Poulett Scrope, George
Scrope, G. Poulett
Scrope, George
Scrope, George Julius
Scrope, George Julius Duncombe Poulett
Scrope, George Julius Poulett
Scrope, George Poulett
Thomson, George Julius Poulett
Thomson, George Poulett (Frueherer Name)
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Dewhirst, Jeremiah
Great Britain. Commissioners of Inquiry into the State of the Law and Practice in Respect to the Occupation of Land in Ireland
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Select Committee on the Irish Poor Law
Klöden, G.A. von
Klöden, Gustav Adolf von (1814-1885)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Peel, Robert (1788-1850; Sir))
Pieraggi, Endym
Pieraggi, Endymion
Russell, John Russell (1792-1878; Earl))
Sydenham, Charles Edward Poulett Thomson Baron, 1799-1841
Bildung der vulkanischen Kegel und Krater, Die
Considerations on volcanos : the probable causes of their phenomena, the laws which determine their march, the disposition of their products and their connexion with the present state and past history of the globe ; leading to the establishment of a new theory of the earth
Currency question freed from mystery in a letter to mr. peel, showing how the distress may be relieved without altering the standard
Don't tax, but untax, the dwellings of the poor
Draft report
Examination of the bank charter question with an inquiry into the nature of a just standard of value, and suggestions for the improvement of our monetary system
Extracts of evidence taken by the late commission of inquiry into the occupation of land in Ireland, on the subject of waste lands reclamation with a prefatory letter to the Right Hon. Lord John Russell, from G. Poulett Scrope, M.P.
Extracts of letters from poor persons who emigrated last year to Canada and the United States printed for the information of the labouring poor and their friends in this country
Friendly advice to the peasantry of Ireland
Géologie et volcans éteints du centre de la France
Geology and extinct volcanos of central france
How is Ireland to be governed? A question addressed to the new administration of Lord Melbourne in 1834, with a postscript in which the same question is addressed to the administration of Sir Robert Peel in 1846
Irish clearances, and improvement of waste lands.
Irish difficulty and how it must be met with a postscript
Irish poor law, how far has it failed, and why? a question addressed to the common sense of his countrymen
Irish relief measures, past and future
labour rate recommended in preference to any reduction of the area of taxation to improve the operation of the Irish Poor-Law, A : in three letters to the editor of the Morning chronicle
Letter to the agriculturists of england on the expediency of extending the poor law to ireland
Letter to the magistrates of the south of england on the urgent necessity of putting a stop to the illegal practice of making up wages out of rates, to which alone is owing the misery and revolt of the agricultural peasantry
Letters to Lord John Russell, M.P. &c. &c. &c on the future measures required for the social amelioration of Ireland
Memoir of the life of the Right Honourable Charles Lord Sydenham, G.C.B. With a narrative of his administration in Canada
Mémoire sur le mode de formation des cones volcaniques et des cratères
On credit-currency, and its superiority to coin in support of a cheap, safe, and sufficient circulating medium
On the poor laws and their abuse
Plain statement of the causes of, and remedies for the prevailing distress for the consideration of a reformed parliament, and of those who will have to elect its members
Plan of a poor-law for Ireland with a review of the arguments for and against it
plea for the rights of industry in Ireland being the substance of letters which recently appeared in the Morning chronicle, A : with additions
Political economy, versus, the hand-loom weavers two letters of George Poulett Scrope, Esq. M.P. to the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Hand-Loom Worsted Weavers, of the West-Riding of York, with their answers to the same
Principles of political economy deduced from the natural laws of social welfare and applied to the present state of Britain
Remarks on the Irish Poor Relief Bill
Reply to the speech of the Archbishop of Dublin delivered in the House of Lords, on Friday, March 26th, 1847, and the protest, signed R. Dublin, Monteagle, Radnor, Mountcashel, against the Poor Relief (Ireland) Bill
rights of industry, or, The social problem of the day as exemplified in France, Ireland and Britain, The
Savings' banks bill, government annuities and life insurances, and the friendly societies' bill, considered in three letters addressed to the editor of the economist
Second letter to the magistrates of the south of england on the propriety of discontinuing the allowance system, the means for employing or disposing of the excess of labour, and for diminishing the unequal pressure of the poor rate
Some notes of a tour in England, Scotland, & Ireland : made with a view to the inquiry, whether our labouring population be really redundant? in letters to the editor of the Morning chronicle
Speech of G. Poulett Scrope, Esq at the Wiltshire meeting, held at Devizes, on Friday, September 30, 1831
Speech of Poulett Scrope, Esq., M.P., on the Poor law amendment bill, in the House of Commons, on Monday, May 26, 1834
Über Vulkane. -
Ueber Vulkane Der Charakter ihrer Phänomene, ihre Rolle in d. Bau ... der Erdoberfläche ... ; Nebst einem beschreib. Verzeichn. aller bekannten Vulkane
Volcanos The character of their phenomena, their share in the structure and composition of the surface of the globe, and their relation to its internal forces
Votes in aid and rates in aid of the bankrupt Irish Unions two speeches