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Boyle of Orrery, Roger
Boyle, Roger
Boyle, Roger (1st earl of Orrery)
Boyle, Roger (Baron Broghill)
Boyle, Roger (comte d'Orrery)
Boyle, Roger (Earl of Orrery)
Broghill, ..
Broghill (Lord)
Broghill, Roger (baron)
Broghill, Roger Boyle
Broghill, Roger Boyle (Baron)
Broghill, Roger Boyle (Lord)
English Protestant
Lord Broghill
Orreri, .. (comte d')
Orrery, .. (Earl of)
Orrery, ... of
Orrery, Roger B. of
Orrery, Roger Boyle
Orrery, Roger Boyle (1st Earl of)
Orrery, Roger Boyle (comte d')
Orrery, Roger Boyle (Earl of)
Orrery, Roger Boyle of
Orrery, Roger (comte d')
Orrery, Roger (Earl of)
Orrery, Roger of
Person of honour
Person of quality
Roger (Orrery, Earl)
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Boyle, Robert (1627-1691)
Clark, William Smith (1900-1969)
Davies, Charles
Ingelo, Nathaniel (1621-1683)
Lambert, Michel (Parijs)
Mackenzie, George (1636-1691)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
S.n. (Londen)
Taylor, Aline Mackenzie
Trapp, Joseph (1679-1747)
and The tragedy of Mustapha, son of Solyman the Magnificent as they were acted at His Highness the Duke of York's theatre
answer of a person of quality, to a scandalous letter ... 1662., The
collection of the state letters of the Rt. Hon. Roger Boyle, the first earl of Orrery ... containing a series of correspondence between the Duke of Ormonde and his lordship, from the restoration to the year 1668. Together with ... the life of the Earl of Orrery. By the Rev. Mr. Thomas Morrice..., A
dramatic works of Roger Boyle, Earl of Orrery, 1739:, The
dramatic works of Roger Boyle, earl of Orrery. To which is added, a comedy; intitled, As you find it., The
Guzman. -
Herod the Great. -
history of Henry the Fifth, 1668, The
History of Henry the Fifth. And the Tragedy of Mustapha, Son of Solym*. -, The
history of Henry the Fifth. And The tragedy of Mustapha, son of Solyman the Magnificent., The
Irish colours displayed, in a reply of an English Prostestant ... 1662., The
Lettres historiques et philologiques du comte d'Orreri, sur la vie et les ouvrages de Swift. : Pour servir de supplément au Spectateur moderne de Steele.
M[iste]r Anthony. -
Opera varia
orphan, The
Parthenissa, 1654:
Parthenissa, that most famd̕ romance. The six volumes compleat.
Prefaces to four seventeenth-century romances: Roger Boyle, Lord Broghill, preface to Parthenissa (1655) Sir George Mackenzie, "Apologie for romances," prefixed to Aretina, the serious romance (1660) Nathaniel Ingelo, preface to Bentivolio and Urania (1660) Robert Boyle, preface to Theodora and Didymus (1687)
Summa theologiae christianae. -
tragedy of King Saul. Written by a deceas'd person of honour, and now made publick at the request of several men of quality who have highly approv'd of it ...., The
treatise of the art of war., A
Two new tragedies. The Black Prince, the Tryphon. The first acted at the Theater-Royal by His Majesties servants; the other.