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Abbott, Maude
Abbott, Maude E.
Abbott, Maude E. Seymour
Abbott, Maude Elisabeth
Abbott, Maude Elizabeth
Abbott, Maude Elizabeth Seymour
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Beattie, William Walter (1894- [from old catalog])
ebrary, Inc
International Association of Pathology
Lewis, David Sclater (1886- [from old catalog])
Moffatt, William (1899- [from old catalog])
Rhea, Lawrence Joseph (1877- [from old catalog])
Shanly, Eleanor [from old catalog]
Shepherd, Francis John (1851-1929)
Warthin, Aldred Scott
Watton, Walter Fletcher (1889- [from old catalog])
All heart : notes on the life of Dr. Maude Elizabeth Abbott, M.D., pioneer woman doctor and cardiologist
Atlas of congenital cardiac disease
Cardiac defects in the light of comparative anatomy of the vertebrate heart
case of parasitic thoracopagus with cardiac anomaly in the host: transposition of the arterial trunks with patent ductus arteriosus and complete defect of interventricular septum (cor triloculare biatriatum), A
Classified and annotated bibliography of Sir William Osler's publications (based on the chronological bibliography by Minnie Wright Blogg)
Clinical and developmental study of a case of ruptured aneurysm of the right anterior aortic sinus of Valsalva
Congenital anomalies of the heart and great vessels.
Differential study of a case of pulmonary stenosis of inflammatory origin (ventricular septum closed) and two cases of (a) pulmonary stenosis and (b) pulmonary atresia of developmental origin with associated ventricular septal defect and death from paradoxical cerebral embolism
early Canadian biologist--Michel Sarrazin (1659-1735) his life and times; an appreciation of the prize essay by Dr. Vallée, An
Florence Nightingale as seen in her portraits with a sketch of her life, and an account of her relation to the origin of the Red Cross Society
Francis John Shepherd ... And John George Adami ...
History of Medicine in the Province of Quebec
history of nursing as a force in nursing education and how to teach it., The
International index of medical museums
Interventricular septal defect with dextroposition of aorta and dilatation of the pulmonary artery terminating by cerebral abscess
Lectures on the history of nursing, with descriptive list of lantern slides
McGill's heroic past, 1821-1921; an historic outline of the university from its origin to the present time
Mirror-picture dextrocardia, complicated by mitral aplasia and pulmonary hypoplasia, with great hypertrophy of the transposed "right" chambers
Modern Medicine: Its Theory and Practice
Mr. E.Z. Massicotte on the physicians and surgeons of the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries in the district of Montreal
New accessions in cardiac anomalies:
On the diplococcoid form of the colon bacillus
On the incidence of bacterial inflammatory processes in cardio-vascular defects and on malformed semilunar cusps.
preparation of the Canadian Army medical museum, and its descriptive catalogue in collaboration with experts, The
Sir William Osler; memorial number, appreciations and reminiscences.
Wyatt Johnston descriptive classification of museum specimens, as applied in the Pathological museum of McGill university, The