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MacYoung, Animal
Macyoung, Marc
MacYoung, Marc A.
MacYoung, Marc Aniaml
マックヤング, マーク アニマル
マックヤング, マーク アニマル4g
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Gambordella, Theodore L.
Hamilton, Yoko
Pfouts, Chris
Quattrocchi, Vito
becoming a complete martial artist
Cheap shots, ambushes, and other lessons : a down and dirty book on streetfighting and survival
Cheap shots, ambushes, and other lessons, c1989:
down but no out
Ending violence quickly
Fists, wits, and a wicked right : surviving on the wild side of the street
floor fighting
knives, knife fighting, and related hassles
Pool cues, beer bottles & baseball bats : Animal's guide to improvised weapons for self-defense and survival
professional's guide to ending violence quickly, A : how bouncers, bodyguards, and other security professionals handle ugly situations
Safe in the city : a streetwise guide to avoid being robbed, raped, ripped off, or run over
safe in the street
secrets of effective offense
Street E & E : evading, escaping, and other ways to save your ass when things get ugly
Sutorīto faitā
Taking it to the street : making your martial art street effective
Violence, blunders, and fractured jaws : advanced awareness techniques and street etiquette
Za byōsatsujutsu : Toshi seikatsusha no tameno bōryoku kenka jiko bōeijutsu
ザ・秒殺術 : 都市生活者のための暴力・ケンカ・自己防衛術
ストリート・ファイター : 都市生活者のための暴力・ケンカからの自己防衛