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Liyong, Taban L.
Liyong, Taban Lo
Lo Liyong, Taban
Taban lo Liyong
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Archive of World Literature on Tape (Library of Congress)
Brutus, Dennis (1924-2009)
Bureau de littérature d'Afrique orientale
Mukasa, Ham (1871-1956)
Nichols, Lee (1915-)
p'Bitek, Okot (1931-1982)
Raditlhalo, Sam
Voice of America (Organization)
Another last word
Another nigger dead : poems
Ballads of underdevelopment : poems and thoughts
Carrying knowledge up a palm tree, cop. 1997:
Carrying knowledge up a palm tree : poetry
colour of hope, The
Corpse lovers and corpse haters : (direct discourse and lyrical verse and trance visions) : poems composed when Dictator Idi Amin Dada ruled Uganda
cows of Shambat, The : Sudanese poems
Culture is Rutan
Culture of your people you do not abandon
defence of Lawino, The
Eating chiefs : Lwo culture from Lolwe to Malkal
Es'kia : may you grow as big as an elephant and dwarf the rhinoceros
Fixions & other stories
Frantz Fanon's uneven ribs : with poems, more and more
franz fanon’s uneven ribs
Homage to Onyame, 1997:
Homage to Onyame : (an African God)
last word, The : cultural synthesism
lo. Culture is rutan, 1991:
Meditations in limbo.
Meditations of Taban lo Liyong.
New writing from South and Southern Africa
Popular culture of East Africa : oral literature
Reflections on the study of religions in Africa now
Showhat and sowhat
Sir Apolo Kagwa discovers Britain
South-South Sudanese Dialogue
Taban lo Liyong of Sudan
Thirteen offensives against our enemies
uniformed man, The
Wer pa lavino
Wer pa Lawino.
Women in folktales and short stories of Africa : an anthology collected and edited
Words that melt a mountain