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Garrison, W. L.
Garrison, William L.
Garrison, William Lloyd
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African American Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Douglass, Frederick (1818-1895)
Mazzini, Giuseppe (1805-1872)
Merrill, Walter M.
Merrill, Walter McIntosh
Ruchames, Louis
Thompson, George (1804-1878)
Tolstoy, Leo (graf, 1828-1910.)
Villard, Fanny Garrison (1844-1928)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress
Abolition of slavery the right of the government under the war power
Address delivered at the broadway tabernacle, n.y. august 1, 1838 by request of the people of color of that city, in commemoration of the complete emancipation of 600,000 slaves on that day, in the british west indies
Address delivered before the free people of color in philadelphia, new-york, and other cities during the month of june, 1831
Address delivered before the old colony anti-slavery society at south scituate, mass., july 4, 1839
Address delivered in marlboro' chapel, boston, july 4, 1838
almighty convenience., An
American slavery address on the subject of American slavery, and the progress of the cause of freedom throughout the world
beyond garrison
beyond the river: the untold story of the heroes of the underground railroad
Brief sketch of the trial of william lloyd garrison for an alleged libel on francis todd, of newburyport, mass
British and American abolitionists : an episode in transatlantic understanding
cosmos crumbling: american reform and the religious imagination
encyclopedia of emancipation and abolition in the transatlantic world
free press., The
From disunionism to the brink of war, 1850-1860
Garrison centenary, December tenth, 1805-1905.
Garrison's first anti-slavery address in Boston. Address at Park Street Church, Boston, July 4, 1829.
Genius of universal emancipation.
Helen Eliza Garrison. A memorial...
house dividing against itself
Infidelity" of abolitionism
Joseph Mazzini; his life, writings, and political principles;
Journal of the times
Lectures of George Thompson, with a full report of the discussion between Mr. Thompson and Mr. Borthwick, the pro-slavery agent, held at the Royal Amphitheatre, Liverpool, Eng., and which continued for six evenings with unabated interest, comp. from various English editions. Also, a brief history of his connection with the anti-slavery cause in England, by Wm. Lloyd Garrison.
Lectures on British India, delivered in the Friends' meeting-house in Manchester, England, in October, 1839
letter from James Boyle to Wm. Lloyd Garrison respecting the clerical appeal, sectarianism, true holiness &c., also, Lines on Christian rest, A
letter on the political obligations of abolitionists., A
letter to Louis Kossuth, A
Letter to Thomas Clarkson
Letters, The
Lettersof William Lloyd Garrison. Edited by Walter M. Merrill and Louis Ruchames, The
Levensverhaal van Frederik Douglass, een "gewezen" slaaf : (door hem zelven geschreven)
liberator, The
Loyalty and devotion of colored americans in the revolution and war of 1812
Maryland scheme of expatriation examined
Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, an American slave.
New "reign of terror" in the slaveholding states for 1859-60
No compromise with slavery : an address delivered in the Broadway Tabernacle, New York, February 14, 1854
No union with slaveholders
Prejudice vincible
Principles and mode of action of the American antislvaery society: a speech
problem of democracy in the age of slavery: garrisonian abolitionists and transatlantic reform., the
Review of pamphlets on slavery and colonization first published in the Quarterly Christian Spectator for March 1833.
Selections from the writings and speeches of William Lloyd Garrison
Sonnets and other poems
Southern hatred of the American government, the people of the North, and free institutions
Spirit of the south towards northern freemen and soldiers defending the american flag against traitors of the deepest dye
Thoughts on African colonization or an impartial exhibition of the doctrines, principles and purposes of the American colonization society. Together with the resolutions, addresses and remonstrances of the free people of color
Three unlike speeches
To rouse the slumbering land, 1868-1879
Triumph of equal school rights in Boston. Proceedings of the presentation meeting held in Boston, Dec. 17, 1855: including addresses by John T. Hilton, Wm. C. Nell, Charles W. Slack, Wendell Phillips, Wm. Lloyd Garrison, Charles Lenox Remond.
Truth stranger than fiction : race, realism, and the U.S. literary marketplace
will be heard!, I
William Lloyd Garrison and the humanitarian reformers
William Lloyd Garrison at two hundred : history, legacy, and memory
William Lloyd Garrison on non-resistance; together with a personal sketch