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Michell, J.
Michell, John
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Benjamin Franklin Collection (Library of Congress)
Bentham (1778))
Canton, John (1718-1772))
Guérin, Hippolyte-Louis (1698-1765))
McCormmach, Russell
Mount, John (17..-1786))
Mount, William (17..?-1769))
Mynde, J. (fl. 1740-1770)
Rivoire, Antoine (1709-1789))
annals of science
avant einstein relativité, lumière, gravitation
Conjectures concerning the cause, and observations upon the phænomena, of earthquakes particularly of that great earthquake of the first of November 1755, which proved so fatal to the city of Lisbon, and whose effects were felt as far as Africa, and more or less throughout almost all Europe
[http://books.google.com/books?id=euolaaaaiaaj cavendish]
inquiry into the probable parallax and magnitude of the fixed stars, from the quantity of light which they afford us, and the particular circumstances of their situation. By the Rev. John Michell., An
Internet, le 26-03-2005, http://en.wikipedia.org
journal for the history of astronomy
Memoir of John Michell, M.A., B.D., F.R.S., 1918:
new scientist
On the means of discovering the distance, magnitude, &c. of the fixed stars in consequence of the diminution of the velocity of their light, ... By the Rev. John Michell, ... Read at the Royal Society, Nov.27, 1783.
philosophical transactions
Proposal of a method for measuring degrees of longitude upon parallels of the æquator By J. Michell.
Traités sur les aimants artificiels
Treatise of artificial magnets in which is shewn an easy and expeditious method of making them, superior to the best natural ones: ... by j. michell
Weighing the world : the Reverend John Michell of Thornhill