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Eisenhower, M. S.
Eisenhower, Milton
Eisenhower, Milton S.
Eisenhower, Milton Stover
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Dreier, John C.
McKee, Elmore McNeill (1896- ))
Muñoz Marín, Luis (1898-1980)
Prosser, Bill
Puerto Rico Presidente (1949-1965: Muñoz Marín)
Reagan, Ronald (1911-2004)
Stevens, Craig (1918-2000)
United States Department of Agriculture
United States. Task Force on Law and Law Enforcement
Vorhaus, Bernard (1904-2000)
Waring, Fred (1900-1984)
25 de julio de 1958: sexto aniversario de la fundación del Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico : discursos del Dr. Milton Eisenhower, representante personal del presidente de los Estados Unidos, y del Hon. Luis Muñoz Marín, gobernador del Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico
25th July 1958. Sixth anniversary of the commonwealth of Puerto-Rico. Addresses by Dr. Milton Eisenhower, personal representative of the President of the United States, and the Hon. Luis Muñoz Marin, governor of the commonwealth of Puerto-Rico. 25 de julio de 1958... Discursos...
7 décembre, Le
alianza para el progreso, problemas y perspectivas, La
Alliance for Progress, The : problems and perspectives
Attaques aériennes sur Hawai (Daitō news) (Cop. : Eigasya) (4 min)
challenge to democracy (cop., A : War relocation authority, 1944) (18 min)
chasseur zero, Le
Christmas, 1944, 1945.
December 7 th
déplacement des Japonais, Le
Historic Japanese prejudice & racism films
Japanese relocation
Kick-off show.
Milton S. Eisenhower years at Kansas State University, 1986:, The
My Japan (cop. : War division of the US treasury department, 1945) (16 min)
Organizing and staffing the presidency, c1980:
Our enemy the Japanese (cop. : Office of war information, bureau of motion pictures) (19 min 30 s)
Pearl Harbour
People Act, The : stories of how Americans are coming together to deal with their community problems
President is calling, The
Préstamos a largo plazo para la construcción de las instalaciones físicas y la adquisición de equipo de las universidades de América Latina.
Report to the president : United States-Latin American relations
rule of law: an alternative to violence; a report to the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence., The
Small world: Eisenhower, Muñoz Marin, Plaza
To establish justice, to insure domestic tranquility : final report of the National commission on the causes and preventention of violence.
To establish justice to insure domestic tranquility : the final report of the National Commission on the causes and prevention of violence
United States and Latin America
United States Department of Agriculture, The : its growth, structure and functions
United States-Latin America relations [1953-1958]; report to the President, December 27, 1958.
United States-Latin American relations; report to the President.
wine is better, The : the United States and Latin America
wine is bitter; the United States and Latin America., The
WW II films Japanese propaganda & prejudice