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Eisenhower, M. S.
Eisenhower, Milton
Eisenhower, Milton S.
Eisenhower, Milton Stover
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Dreier, John C.
Harper and Brothers
McKee, Elmore McNeill (1896- ))
Miranda, Ignacio de
Muñoz Marín, Luis (1898-1980)
Prosser, Bill
Puerto Rico Presidente (1949-1965: Muñoz Marín)
Stevens, Craig (1918-2000)
United States Department of Agriculture
United States. Task Force on Law and Law Enforcement
Vorhaus, Bernard (1904-2000)
Waring, Fred (1900-1984)
25 de julio de 1958: sexto aniversario de la fundación del Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico : discursos del Dr. Milton Eisenhower, representante personal del presidente de los Estados Unidos, y del Hon. Luis Muñoz Marín, gobernador del Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico
25th July 1958. Sixth anniversary of the commonwealth of Puerto-Rico. Addresses by Dr. Milton Eisenhower, personal representative of the President of the United States, and the Hon. Luis Muñoz Marin, governor of the commonwealth of Puerto-Rico. 25 de julio de 1958... Discursos...
7 décembre, Le
alianza para el progreso, problemas y perspectivas, La
Alliance for Progress, The : problems and perspectives
Attaques aériennes sur Hawai (Daitō news) (Cop. : Eigasya) (4 min)
challenge to democracy (cop., A : War relocation authority, 1944) (18 min)
chasseur zero, Le
Christmas, 1944, 1945.
December 7 th
déplacement des Japonais, Le
Historic Japanese prejudice & racism films
Japanese relocation
Kick-off show.
Milton S. Eisenhower years at Kansas State University, 1986:, The
My Japan (cop. : War division of the US treasury department, 1945) (16 min)
Organizing and staffing the presidency, c1980:
Our enemy the Japanese (cop. : Office of war information, bureau of motion pictures) (19 min 30 s)
Pearl Harbour
People Act, The : stories of how Americans are coming together to deal with their community problems
president is calling, The
Préstamos a largo plazo para la construcción de las instalaciones físicas y la adquisición de equipo de las universidades de América Latina.
Report to the president : United States-Latin American relations
rule of law: an alternative to violence; a report to the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence., The
Small world: Eisenhower, Muñoz Marin, Plaza
To establish justice, to insure domestic tranquility : final report of the National commission on the causes and preventention of violence.
United States and Latin America
United States, department of agriculture, its growth, structure and functions, The
United States-Latin America relations [1953-1958]; report to the President, December 27, 1958.
United States-Latin American relations; report to the President.
wine is better, The : the United States and Latin America
wine is bitter; the United States and Latin America., The
WW II films Japanese propaganda & prejudice