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Debs-Hand, Wayland
Hand, W.D.
Hand, Wayland
Hand, Wayland D.
Hand, Wayland Debs
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Arlt, Gustave O. (1895-1986)
Probert, Thomas
Robe, Stanley Linn (1915- ))
Society for the History of Medical Science
UCLA Conference on American Folk Legend (1969)
UCLA Conference on American Folk Legend (June 19 to 22, 1969 : Los Angeles)
UCLA Conference on American Folk Medicine (1973)
University of California, Los Angeles. Center for the Study of Comparative Folklore and Mythology
White, Newman Ivey (1892-1948)
Wilgus, D. K.
american folk legend: a symposium
american folk medicine: a symposium
American Folklife Center concert, 1978-11-16
American Folklife Center symposium, 1978-11-16
Archive of Folk Song, The : a 50th anniversary celebration
Archive of Folk Song, The : a 50th anniversary symposium
Benjamin A. Botkin duplication project, 1950-1958
By land and by sea : studies in the folklore of work and leisure honoring Horace P. Beck on his sixty-fifth birthday
dictionary of words and idioms associated with Judas Iscariot; a compilation based mainly on material found in the Germanic languages, A
eyes on texas: fifty years of folklore in the southwest
Folklore international : essays in traditional literature, belief, and custom in honor of Wayland Debs Hand
Frank C. Brown collection of North Carolina folklore, The : the folklore of North Carolina collected by Dr. Frank C. Brown during the years 1912 to 1943 in collaboration with the North Carolina Folklore Society of which he was secretary-treasurer 1913-1943
Hispanic folktales from New Mexico : narratives from the R. D. Jameson collection
Humaniora; essays in literature, folklore [and] bibliography, honoring Archer Taylor on his seventieth birthday.
Humaniora Essays in literature, folklore, bibliography ; Honoring Archer Taylor in his 70 _1hnt_1hnh birthday
Humaniora Essays in literature, folklore, bibliography ; Honoring Archer Taylor in his 70 th birthday
Lost mines and buried treasures of the West : bibliography and place names, from Kansas west to California, Oregon, Washington, and Mexico
Magical medicine : the folkloric component of medicine in the folk belief, custom, and ritual of the peoples of Europe and America : selected essays of Wayland D. Hand
Popular beliefs and superstitions, 1981:
Popular beliefs and superstitions : a compendium of American folklore : from the Ohio Collection of Newbell Niles Puckett
popular beliefs and superstitions from north carolina
Popular beliefs and superstitions from Utah
schnaderhüpal ..., The
schnaderhüpfel: an Alpine folk lyric, by Wayland Debs Hand., The
Wayland Hand collection of Irish songs recorded in Butte, Montana