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Felt, E. P.
Felt, E. Porter
Felt, Ephraim Porter
Porter Felt, Ephraim
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Boynton, Margaret Fursman
Johannsen, Oskar Augustus [from old catalog]
Joutel, Louis H.
Morton, Kenneth J. [from old catalog]
Needham, James G. (1868-1957)
Needham, James George (1868-1957)
New York State Education Department
Ranklin, William Howard (1888-)
Thompson, Millet Taylor (1875-1907. [from old catalog])
Thompson, Millett Taylor
Control of flies and other household insects
Dutch elm disease and its control. A circular of information.
Dutch elm disease (Graphium ulmi) and its control., The
Elm leaf beetle and white-marked tussock moth
Elm-leaf beetle in New York state
gipsy and brown tail moths., The
Grapevine root worm
Household and camp insects
illustrated catalogue of American insect galls, An
illustrated catalogue of American insects galls, An
Illustrated descriptive catalogue of some of the more important injurious and beneficial insects of New York State
Insects affecting park and woodland trees : New York State educational department, 1906
Insects and diseases of ornamental trees and shrubs
Key to American insect galls
Key to gall ; midges (A resumé of studies I-VII, Itonididae)
Manual of tree and shrub insects; a general account of the more important or common insects attacking shade and forest trees and shrubs and woody ornamentals
May flies and midges of New York. Third report on aquatic insects.
Memorial of life and entomologic work of Joseph Albert Lintner.
Monograph of the genus Saperda
Mosquitos or Culicidae of New York State
On certain grass-eating insects. A synopsis of the species of Crambus of the Ithaca fauna ...
Our shade trees
Plant galls and gall makers
popular guide to the study of insects, A
Pruning trees and shrubs
Scale insects of importance and list of the species in New York State
Shade tree pests in New York state.
Shelter trees in war and peace
White marked tussock moth and elm leaf beetle