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Gulielmus, Janus
Gulielmus, Johannes
Iean evesque de Lincolne
Iohannes episcopus Lincolniensis
Johannes Bischoff zu Lincolna
John (Lincoln, Bishop)
John (Lord Arch-bishop of York)
John (Lord Bishop of Lincoln)
John (York, Archbishop)
Learned pen
Lincolne, Jean (pseudonym)
Minister in Lincolnshire
Williams, Archbishop ((archbishop of York))
Williams, John
Williams, John (Abp. of York)
Williams, John ((archbishop of York))
Williams, John (Lord Keeper)
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Cicero, Marcus Tullius (106-43 f.Kr)
Davenant, John (ca. 1572-1641.)
Du Moulin, Pierre (1568-1658))
Froben, Georg Ludwig
Gruterus, Janus (1560-1627)
Hunt, Thomas (1627?-1688)
Köler, Christoph (1602-1658))
Mayor, John E.B. (1825-1910)
Mayor, John Eyton Bickersteth (1825-1910)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Stephens, Jeremiah (1591-1665)
abstract of ... 1641., An
apology for the ancient right and power of the bishops to sit and vote in parliaments, An : as the first and principal of the three estates of the kingdome, as Lord Coke sheweth, 3. Institut. C. I. and other both learned lavvyers and antiquaries, as Camden, Spelman, Selden, and many others : with an answer to the reasons maintained by Dr. Burgesse and many others against the votes of bishops : a determination at Cambridge of the learned and reverend Dr. Davenant B. of Salisbury, Englished : the speech in Parliament made by Dr. Williams, L. Archbishop of York, in defence of the bishops : two speeches spoken in the House of Lords by the Lord Viscount Newarke, 1641.
Cabala, sive scrinia sacra, mysteries of state and government, 1663:
cognitione Dei tractatus, De
Handbook of British chronology, 1984:
Holy table, name & thing, more anciently, properly, and literally used under the new testament, then that of an altar
Iani Gulielmii [sic] Plautinarum quæstionum commentarius, in quo omnes ordine M.Plauti comoediæ, tum multa veterum scriptorum, poetarum inprimis, & M.Tullii loca varie illustrantur, corriguntur, augentur.
Jani Guielmi De magistratibus reip. rom. liberæ.
Jani Gulielmi Poemata.
Lord Keeper Williams his letters, &c.
M. T. Ciceronis Operum ...
Marci Tullii Ciceronis Opera quæ extant omnia, ex MSS. codicibus emendata
Penu Tullianum, decem caellis sive indicibus expromens, quidquid uspiam divitiarum in operibus M. Tullii Ciceronis Guiliemlmo Gruterianis continetur: collectore Georgio Ludovico Frobenio C. H. ...
Petri Molinæi Tractat Vom Erkändtnis Gottes
sermon of apparell, A : London, 1620
Sermon of apparell preached before the kings maiestie, and the prince his highnesse at theobalds, the 22 of february, 1619
Sir Francis Bacon's letters, &c.
That the bishops in England may and ought to vote in cases of blood, 1680:
Traitté De La Conoissance De Diev
work of Archbishop John Williams with contemporary documents, some very rare or not previously published and the complete text of "The Holy table name and thing", The