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Celler, Emanuel
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Fellows, Frank (1889- [from old catalog])
Russell, Samuel Morris (1889- [from old catalog])
Taft, Robert (1917-1993)
United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary
United States. House of Representatives
Utterback, Hubert (1880-1942. [from old catalog])
Walter, Francis Eugene (1894- [from old catalog])
Weaver, Zebulon (1872-)
Zinn, Charles J.
Amend constitution to exclude aliens in the count for apportionment of representatives ...
Amending the [Administrative procedure] act of June 11, 1946, as amended. Report to accompany H. R. 6652.
Amending the First war powers act, 1941 ... Report.
Amending the Nationality act of 1940. Report to accompany H. R. 2286.
Amending the Sabotage law (wartime) ... Report.
antitrust laws, The : a basis for economic freedom; a staff report to the Antitrust Subcommittee (Subcommittee No. 5) of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, 88th Congress, 2nd session, pursuant to H. Res. 36 authorizing the committee on the judiciary to conduct studies and investigations relating to certain matters within its jurisdictions; revised to January 1, 1965.
Authorizing wire tapping in the interest of prosecution of the war ... Report.
Constitution of the United States of America, The : [text with] analytical index [and] unratified amendments
Crime to advocate the overthrow of the government by force and violence ... Report. To accompany H.R. 6427 ...
Emanuel Celler papers
Emergency displaced persons admission act.
Equal-rights amendment ... Report.
Face the nation (Radio program).
Lame ducks; exclusively American. Speech of Hon. Emanuel Celler of New York in the House of representatives March 3, 1927.
Medicinal liquors. report to accompany H. R. 14395.
Oral history collection, 1974-1980, audio materials
Permitting wire tapping in certain cases ... Report.
Prohibition of price discriminations ... Report [and Views of the minority]
Providing for the more expeditious settlement of disputes with the United States, and for other purposes ... Report [and Minority report]
Refugees in India and Pakistan; report by Emanuel Celler, member, Committee on the Judiciary.
Regulating the recovery of portal-to-portal pay, and for other purposes ...
Resale price maintenance ... Report To accompany H. R. 1611 ...
Settlement of claims arising from terminated war contracts ... Report.
Study of monopoly power
To amend the first War powers act of 1941 ... Report.
Tort claims against the United States ... Report. To accompany H.R. 1817
United States Constitution
Using in evidence information obtained by wire tapping in the interest of prosecuting the war ... Report.
War hazard compensation benefits for employees of war contractors ... Report. <To accompany S. 2412) ...
You never leave Brooklyn; the autobiography of Emanuel Celler.