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Author of The crisis of the sugar colonies
Author of War in disguise
Crisis of the sugar colonies, Author of the
Stephen, James
Stephen, James ((politician))
War in disguise, Author of
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writer of accompanying material
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Jacob Bailey Moore Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
John Bailey Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Leyland, John (1858?-1924)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Piggott, Francis Stewart Gilderoy major-general
Piggott, Francis Taylor (1852-1925)
Randolph, John (1773-1833)
William Duane Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Buonaparte in the West Indies : or, the history of Toussaint Louverture, the African hero. Part I.
crisis of the sugar colonies; or, An enquiry into the objects and probable effects of the French expedition to the West Indies, and their connection with the colonial interests of the British empire, to which are subjoined sketches of a plan for settling the vacant lands of Trinidada. In four letters to the Right Hon. Henry Addington., The
dangers of the country., The
England enslaved by her own slave colonies an address to the electors and people of the United Kingdom
england enslaved by her own slave colonies: an address to the people and electors of england
history of Toussaint Louverture., The
inquiry into the right and duty of compelling spain to relinquish her slave trade in northern africa, an
memoirs of James Stephen, written by himself for the use of his children., The
New reasons for abolishing the slave trade ; being the last section of a larger work, now first published, entitled "The dangers of the country." By the author of "War in disguise."
Observations on the speech of the Hon. John Randolph, representative for the state of Virginia, in the general congress of America:
opportunity; or, reasons for an immediate alliance with St. Domingo, 1804:, The
Reasons for an immediate alliance with St. Domingo
Reasons for establishing a registry of slaves in the British colonies. 1814.
slavery of the British West India colonies delineated, as it exists both in law and practice, and compared with the slavery of other countries, ancient and modern., The
slavery of the british west indies, the
speech of James Stephen, Esq. at the annual meeting of the African Institution at Free Masons' Hall, on the 26th March, 1817., The
speech of James Stephen, Esq., in the debate in the House of Commons, March 6, 1809, on Mr. Whitbread's motion relative to the late overtures of the American government, The : with supplementary remarks on the recent Order in Council.
speech of the Hon. J. Randolph, representative for the state of Virginia, in the General congress of America, The : on a motion for the non-importation of British merchandize, pending the present disputes between Great Britain and America
War in disguise, or, The frauds of the neutral flags : 1805
West-Indian pretensions refuted; being an extract from the preface of a work, entitled The slavery of the British West-India colonies delineated, as it exists in law and practice, and compared with the slavery of other countries, ancient and modern.