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Frost, W.
Frost, W. H.
Frost, Wade H.
Frost, Wade Hampton
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writer of accompanying material
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Anderson, John F.
Gover, Mary (1890- [from old catalog])
Lumsden, L. L. (1875-1946)
Lumsden, Leslie Leon (1875-1946)
Richardson, Benjamin Ward (1828-1896)
Snow, John (1813-1858)
Staudinger, Hermann (1881-1965))
Sydenstricker, Edgar (1881-1936)
United States Public health service. Public health reports. Reprint 1606
United States Public health service. Public health reports. Reprint 1720
United States. Public health service. [from old catalog]
Active and passive immunization against plague
Epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis. A review of its etiology
Epidemiologic studies of poliomyelitis in New York City and the northeastern United States during the year 1916
epidemiology of influenza, The
Epidemiology of the outbreak of poliomytelitis in Buffalo, N.Y., 1912.
field investigation of epidemic poliomyelitis, The
Handbook of turbulence
I. The influence of age and temperature on the potency of diphtheria antitoxin, by John F. Anderson. II. An organism (Pseudomonas protea) isolated from water, agglutinated by the serum of typhoid fever patients, by W. H. Frost. III. Some considerations on colorimetry, and a new colorimeter, IV. A gas generator, in four forms, for laboratory and technical use, by Norman Roberts.
incidence and time distribution of common colds in several groups kept under continuous observation, The
Influenza in Maryland: preliminary statistics of certain localities
Introduction à l'analyse qualitative organique
Mortality from influenza and pneumonia in 50 large cities of the United States, 1910-1929
On the mode of communication of cholera
Origin and prevalence of typhoid fever in Fort Smith, Ark., and measures necessary for its control
Papers of Wade Hampton Frost, M.D. : a contribution to epidemiological method
Poliomyelitis (infantile paralysis) What is known of its cause and modes of transmission
Relationship of milk supplies to typhoid fever
Report no. [1]-4 on the origin and prevalence of typhoid fever in the District of Columbia [1906-] (1909-10) ...
Septic sore throat. A milk-borne outbreak in Baltimore, Md.
Snow on cholera : being a reprint of two papers
Statistics of influenza morbidity with special reference to certain factors in case incidence and case fatality
Stream pollution, 1926:
Studies upon anaphylaxis with special reference to the antibodies concerned
Transmission of poliomyelitis by means of the stable fly (Stomoxys calcitrans)
Yellow fever, 1931:
Yellow fever; an epidemiological and historical study of its place of origin