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Kraus, Charles A.
Kraus, Charles August
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Language material
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Fuoss, Raymond
Fuoss, Raymond M. (1905-1987)
Fuoss, Raymond Matthew (1905-)
Fuoss, Raymond Matthew (1905-1987)
Hurd, Charles Buell
Kurtz, Herman Fletcher ([from old catalog])
Parker, Henry Cole
Rothrock, David Andrew ([from old catalog])
Vingee, Raymond Arthur ([from old catalog])
Whyte, Earle Forrester
conductance of aqueous solutions of iodic acid and the limiting value of the equivalent conductance of the hydrogen ion, The
Conductibilité des électrolytes
dimethyltin group and some of its reactions, The
Equilibria in systems involving calcium, hydrogen and nitrogen
future of science in America; an address delivered on Founder's day, February 1, 1917, The
Influence of temperatures on the conductance of electrolytes in anisole
Molecular polarisations and polar moments
Properties of electrolytic solutions.
Quaternary ammonium salts with anions containing triphenylboron.
Reactions of compounds of triphenylmethyl and triphenylsilicyl in liquid ammonia
reduction of metals from their salts by means of other metals in liquid ammonia solution, The
Studies relating to metallo-organic compounds. I. Introduction.
study of the oxides of potassium and sodium, A
Tetrabutyl- and tetramethyl-ammonium picarates