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Mendel, Lafayette B.
Mendel, Lafayette Benedict
מנדל, לפיט בנדיקט
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Carnegie Institution of Washington
Ferry, Edna L.
Moise, Theodore Sidney (1893- [from old catalog])
Osborne, Thomas Burr (1859-1929)
Outhouse, Julia ([from old catalog])
Parsons, Helen Tracy (1886- [from old catalog])
Smith, Arthur H. (1893-1976)
Smith, Arthur Henry (1893-1976)
Underhill, Frank Pell (1877- [from old catalog])
White, Benjamin [from old catalog]
Winters, Jet Corine (1887-1978)
adjustment of blood volume after injection of isotonic solutions of varied composition, The
[Availability of the constituents of the green leaf:
Changes in the food supply and their relation to nutrition
Changes in the food supply and their relations to nutrition
Childhood and growth : a paper read October 6th, 1905, before the New Haven Mother's Club
Comparative studies on the physiological value and toxicity of cotton seed and some of its products
distribution of vitamin B in the maize kernel, The
distribution of vitamin B in the wheat kernel, The
effective agent in the prevention or alleviation of the Chittenden-Underhill pellagra-like syndrome in dogs, The
effects of dietary deficiencies on the growth of certain body systems and organs, The
effects of variations in the vitamin, mineral, and water content of the diet, The
Experimental observations on pancreatic digestion and the spleen.
Experiments on the utilization of nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium in diets containing carrots and spinach
Factors concerned in blood volume regulation
Feeding experiments with isolated food-substances.
influence of "fat-free" diets on growth and on the quality of body fat in the albino rat], [The
[Influence of vitamins B, G
Interrelationships between the chemical composition of the blood and the lymph of the dog.
Nitrogen and sulfur metabolism in the dog
Nutrition: the chemistry of life.
[Physiological effects of a dietary rich in protein during pregnancy and lactation in rats after removal of one kidney]
physiological study of nucleic acid., A
Plant hemagglutinins with reference to a preparation from the navy bean.
rate of growth., The
Studies in nutrition; the choice between adequate and inadequate diet
Studies in the physiology of vitamins. I. Vitamin-B and the secretory function of glands
study of blood volume regulation and blood composition in experimental hydremia. I. The regulation of blood volume, A
transportation and elimination of organic dyes by the animal organism, The
utilization of fatty oils given parenterally., The
Zinc and normal nutrition.