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Atwater, P.
Atwater, P. H. M.
Atwater, P. M.
Atwater, P. M. H.
Atwater, Phylis
Atwater, Phyllis
Atwater, Phyllis M. H.
アトウォーター, フィリス
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Chudziński, Krzysztof
Gonthier, Marie
Kaas, Pavel (1969-)
Kadokawa, Haruki (1942-)
Ring, Kenneth
Studniarz, Justyna
Studniarz, Sławomir
Tomczyk, Sylwia
角川, 春樹 (1942-)
青山, 陽子 (1961-)
, albany, ny: cinema of the mind/starving artists workshop, 2010. asin: b003wqbim8.*p.m.h. atwater
As you die an audio guide to preparation for the final passing
Beyond the indigo children
Beyond the light : what isn't being said about near-death experience
big book of near-death experiences, The : the ultimate guide to what happens when we die
, charlottesville, va: hampton roads publishing, 1999. isbn 1-57174-135-6.*p.m.h. atwater
, charlottesville, va: hampton roads publishing, 2007. isbn 978-1-57174-547-7.*p.m.h. atwater
, charlottesville, va: hampton roads publishing, 2011. isbn 978-1-57174-651-1.*p.m.h. atwater
children of the fifth world: a guide to the coming changes in human consciousness", bear & company, 2012. isbn 978-1-59143-153-4. ebook isbn 978-1-59143-800-7*p.m.h. atwater
Coming back to life : examining the after-effects of the near-death experience
Dalej niż światło : czego nie powiedziano o przeżyciach na granicy śmierci : [to czego dotąd nie powiedziano w relacjach z życia po życiu]
Expériences de mort imminente
Future memory : how those who "see the future" shed new light on the workings of the human mind
Geniusz Dzieci Indygo : nowe dzieci nie z tego świata
Goddess runes : a comprehensive guide to casting and divination with one of the oldest known rune sets
grand livre des NDE ou Expériences de mort imminente, Le
héritage des enfants indigo les nouveaux enfants et l'avènement du cinquième monde, L'
Hikari no kanata e
, indianapolis, in: alpha books, 2000. isbn 0-02-863234-6.*p.m.h. atwater
Indigo-Kinder und die neue Zeit ab 2012
magical language of runes, 1990:, The
Near-death experiences, the rest of the story : what they teach us about living, dying, and our true purpose
Nejen indigové děti : nová generace dětí a vzestup pátého světa
, new york: avon books, 1996. isbn 0-380-78292-8.*p.m.h. atwater
, new york: carol publishing group, 1994. isbn 1-55972-229-0.*p.m.h. atwater
, new york: citadel, 2001. isbn 0-8065-2303-4.*p.m.h. atwater and david h. morgan
, new york: three rivers press, 1999. isbn 0-609-80309-3.*p.m.h. atwater
Pamięć przyszłości : jak ujrzeć przyszłość i wyjść poza granice swego umysłu
Retour de l'après-vie les répercussions de l'expérience de mort imminente
Rinshi taiken mirai no kioku : Seishin sekai eno aratanaru hikari
, rochester, vt: bear & company, 2003. isbn 1-59143-020-8.*p.m.h. atwater
, rochester, vt: bear & company, 2005. isbn 1-59143-051-8.*p.m.h. atwater
Rückkehr vom Licht die Auswirkungen von Nahtoderfahrungen auf Betroffene und Angehörige
Světlo ve tmě, aneb, Co nevíte o klinické smrti
, virginia beach, va: a.r.e. press, 2004. isbn 0-87604-492-5.*p.m.h. atwater
臨死体験未来の記憶 : 精神世界への新たなる光