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Carpenter, Eduard
Carpenter, Edward
Karpenter, Ėduard
カアペンター, エドワード
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Barnard, Guy Christian (1896-)
Campani Bagnoli, Teresina G.
Charles E. Feinberg Collection of Walt Whitman (Library of Congress)
Fischer, H. B.
Grimlund, Otto (1893-1969)
Maetsuycker, Georgine
Miyajima, Shinzaburō (1892-1934)
Owen, Wm. C.
Reisiger, Hans (1884-1968))
Seymour, Henry
University of Virginia. Library. Electronic Text Center
Whitman, Walt (1819-1892)
Yamakawa, Kikue (1890-1980)
宮島, 新三郎 (1892-1934)
山川, 菊栄 (1890-1980)
Ai to shi no gikyoku : Ningen no shinka to henkei no kenkyū
Angels' wings : a series of essays on art and its relation to life
anthology of friendship, An
Anthology of friendship (Ioläus).
art of creation, The : essays on the self and its powers
avènement de l'amour série d'articles traitant des rapports des sexes, L'
beschaving, De : hare oorzaak en hare genezing
bibliography of the writings of Edward Carpenter; a bibliographical handbook for collectors, booksellers, librarians and others., A
Bunmei sono gen'in oyobi kyūchi
Chants of labour. A song book of the people with music.
Civilisace, její následky, léčení jich a jiné studie
Civilisation, Die : ihre Ursachen und ihre Heilung : Aufsätze
Civilisation : its cause and cure abd other essays
civilisation, ses causes et ses remèdes, La
Civilization ... 1897.
Civilization, its cause and cure and other essays. -
Days with Walt Whitman : with some notes on his life and work
Différents Visages de l'anarchisme, par Stephen T. Byington, Edward Carpenter, John Henry Mackay, Wm. C. Owen, Henry Seymour. Avant-propos et traduction de E. Armand. Avec un appendice contenant, Les : la Déclaration de l"Association des anarchistes individualistes allemands'. Le Manifeste du journal 'l'En dehors'. Un projet d"Internationale individualiste anarchiste'
drama of love and death; a study of human evolution and transfiguration, The
Edward Carpenter, 1844-1929 : prophet of human fellowship
Edward Carpenter and late Victorian radicalism
England's ideal, and other papers on social subjects
Forecasts of the coming century by a decade of writers.
From Adam's peak to Elephanta : sketches in Ceylon and India
From Adam's peak to Elephanta : sketches of Ceylon and India
healing of nations, and the hidden sources of their strife., The
Heidendom en christendom : het ontstaan en de beteekenis van heidensche en christelijke geloofsvoorstellingen
homogene Liebe und deren Bedeutung in der freien Gesellschaft oder Die gleichgeschlechtliche Liebe, Die
house of Kings, A : the history of Westminster Abbey
intermediate sex, The : a study of some transitional types of men and women
Intermediate types among primitive folk : a study in social evolution
Ioläus : an anthology of friendship
"Ja jesm'"
Jiyū shakai no danjo kankei
Kaapentaa shishū
Liefde's meerderjarigheid : een verhandeling over de onderlinge verhouding der beide seksen
Light from the East; being letters on gñanam, the divine knowledge
Lijfsliefde, en de man, de onrijpe
Love's coming of age; a series of papers on the relations of the sexes
Marriage in a free society.
My days and dreams, being autobiographical notes
Never again! : a protest and a warning addressed to the peoples of Europe
Ningen kaizō to geijutsu
Nōgyō to shakai shugi
O brake
Pagan and Christian creeds, their origin and meaning, by Edward Carpenter
Prisões, policia e castigos
Prisons, police and punishment; an inquiry into the causes and treatment of crime and criminals
psychology of the poet Shelley, The
Sangyōteki jiyū : Sono riron oyobi jissai
Schöpfung als Kunstwerk, Die : Abhandlungen über das Ich und seine Kräfte
Sei ai kekkon : Kaizō no sakebi
Sei ni tessuru geijutsu
Sei no eikō
Sekai daishisō zenshū.
Selected writings
Socialism and agriculture
Some friends of Walt Whitman : a study in sex-psychology
Sōzō no geijutsu : Jiga to sono chikara ni kansuru shoronbun
Specimen days ; & Collect
teaching of the Upanishads, The : being the substance of two lectures to popular audiences
Ti︠u︡rʹmy, polit︠s︡īi︠a︡ i nakazanīe, 1907:
Towards democracy : complete edition in four parts
Towards industrial freedom. : 2 nd ed.
unknown people :, An
Verso la democrazia
village and the landlord, The
visit to a Gñáni, or Wise man of the East, A
vrouw en haar plaats in de vrije maatschappij, De
vrouw en hare plaats in een vrije samenleving, De
Waga hi waga yume
Wechselspiel von Liebe und Tod, Das : eine Studie über die menschliche Entwicklung und Verwandlung
Weib und seine Stellung in der freien Gesellschaft, Das
Wenn die Menschen reif zur Liebe werden. - o.J. [ca. 1909]
Who shall command the heart : being part IV of Towards democracy.
Woman, and her place in a free society
ワルト・ホイツトマン訪問記 : 並に彼れの生涯と作品に対する考案
天使の翼 : カアペンター芸術論
性・愛・結婚 : 改造の叫び