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Abbot, H. L.
Abbot, Henry L.
Abbot, Henry Larcom
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Brown & Ogilvie
Davis, Jefferson (1808-1889)
Humphreys, A. A. (1810-1883)
Humphreys, Andres A. (1810-1883)
Humphreys, Andrew Atkinson (1810-1883)
McClellan, George Brinton (1826-1885)
Siebert, Selmar
United States. Army. Dept. of the Gulf (1862-1865)
United States. War Dept
Williamson, R. S. (1824-1882)
Williamson, Robert Stockton (1824-1882)
Young, John topographical engineer
Beginning of modern submarine warfare under Captain Lieutenant David Bushnell. A facsimile reproduction of the rare 1881 pamphlet
beginning of modern submarine warfare, under Captain-Lieutenant David Bushnell, Sappers and miners, Army of the revolution., The
Biographical memoir of Cyrus Ballou Comstock, 1831-1910
Bushnell's American turtle
[Collected papers, reprints, etc. on the Panama Canal.
Early days of the Engineer school of application
From San Francisco Bay to the northern boundary of California : from explorations and surveys
From the northern boundary of California to the Columbia River : from explorations and surveys
Galveston, Texas, showing the fortifications &c.
General G. K. Warren.
General report to the bureau of awards.
Half century record of the class at West Point 1850 to 1854
Henry L. Abbot family papers
Map of district north of Washington D.C. : made in 1859-60 by H.L. Abbot and F.W. Vaughan.
New Orleans to Vicksburg, 1863:
new Panama Canal, 1898:, The
Notes on electricity in military and industrial engineering.
Notes on mortars in harbor defence [microform] : read before the Essayons Club of the Corps of Engineers, March 3rd, 1869
Notes on submarine mining in England, in the autumn of 1883 [microform]
Official plan of the siege of Yorktown, Va., conducted by the Army of the Potomac under command of Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan, U.S.A., April 5th to May 3rd 1862
Physics and hydraulics of the Mississippi : reply to criticisms made by Dr. Hagen ...
Position of Richmond, Va.
Problems of the Panama canal
Reconnaissance of the battle field at Bull Run, Va., fought July 21, 1861
Report of Lieut. Henry L. Abbot ... upon explorations for a railroad route from the Sacramento Valley to the Columbia River.
Report of the Board on Fortifications or Other Defenses appointed by the President of the United States under the provisions of the act of Congress approved March 3, 1885 ...
Report upon experiments and investigations to develop a system of submarine mines for defending the harbors of the United States.
Report upon the physics and hydraulics of the Mississippi river, upon the protection of the alluvial region against overflow, and upon the deepening of the mouths : based upon surveys and investigations made under the acts of Congress directing the topographical and hydrographical survey of the delta of the Mississippi river ..., submitted to the bureau of Topographical Engineers, War Department, 1861
Siege artillery in the campaigns against Richmond, with notes on the 15-inch gun : including an algebraic analysis of the trajectory of a shot in its ricochets upon smooth water : illustrated by accurate drawings of a large collection of the rifle projectiles and fuzes used by each army in Virginia
Sketch exhibiting the approachs to Richmond from Pamunkey River : from reconnoissances [sic] made between May 18th and June 14th,1862
White House to Harrisons Landing
Williamsburg to White House
[Yorktown to Williamsburg]