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B'ûkenen, Džejms
Buchanan, J. M.
Buchanan, James
Buchanan, James M.
Buchanan, James MacGill
Buchanan, James Mcgill
Buchanan, James McGill (Jr)
McGill Buchanan, James
ブキャナン, J. M
ブキャナン, ジェームズ
ブキャナン, ジェームズ・M
ブキャナン, ジェイムズ・M
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writer of accompanying material
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Akerlof, George A.
Barbosa, Antonio S Pinto
Brennan, Geoffrey
Brennan, Geoffrey (1944-)
Brennan, H. Geoffrey (1944-)
Buchanan, J M
Buchanan, J.
Buchanan, J. M.
Buchanan, James
Buchanan, James M
Buchanan, James M.
Bush, Winston C
Canada. Forest Industries Advisory Committee
Congleton, Roger D
Congleton, Roger D.
Debreu, Gerard
Faith, Roger L
Faith, Roger L.
Flowers, Marilyn R.
Forman, Frank
Forte, Francesco
Goetz, Charles J
Goetz, Charles J.
Hemphill, C. Scott
Klein, Lawrence
Koslowski, Peter (1952-)
Langlois, Richard
Lee, Dwight
Lee, Dwight R
Musgrave, Richard A.
Selgin, George
Stubblebine, W C
Thirlby, G.F.
Tollison, Robert D
Tollison, Robert D.
Tullock, Gordon
University of Chicago, Department of Economics
Vanberg, Viktor
Vanberg, Viktor J
Vanberg, Viktor J.
Varian, Hal R.
Wagner, Richard E.
Wagner, Richard Edward
Yoon, Y.
Yoon, Yong
Yoon, Yong J
Yoon, Yong J.
Zakošek, Nenad
加藤, 寬 (1926-2013)
Academia in anarchy : an economic diagnosis
Afraid to be free: Dependency as desideratum
Agreement and efficiency: response to Guttman
Albert Breton, Competitive governments: An economic theory of politics and public finance.
All voting is strategic
American evaluation of Europe's constitutional prospect, An
análisis económico de lo político, El : lecturas sobre la teoría de la elección pública
Backbending Supply Curve of Labor: An Example of Doctrinal Retrogression?, The
Balanced Budget Amendment: Clarifying the Arguments., The
balanced budget amendment, The : Clarifying the arguments
Barro on the Ricardian Equivalence Theorem.
bases for collective action, The
Better than plowing, and other personal essays
Bibliography of James M. Buchanan's Publications, 1949-1986.
Buchanan on Heraclitian Vespers
cálculo del consenso, El : fundamentos lógicos de la democracia constitucional
calculus of consent, The : logical foundations of constitutional democracy
Cartels, coalitions, and constitutional politics
Choosing for others: A neglected element in the theory of collective action
collected works of James M. Buchanan., The
Confessions of a Burden Monger
consequences of Mr. Keynes, The : an analysis of the misuse of economic theory for political profiteering, with proposals for constitutional disciplines
Constitution of Economic Policy., The
Constitutional economics
Constitutional implications of alternative models of increasing returns
Constitutional Implications of Radical Subjectivism.
Contractarian Paradigm for Applying Economic Theory., A
Contractarian Political Economy and Constitutional Interpretation.
Convexity Constraints in Public Goods Theory.
Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998: An Economic Analysis, The
Correction in Elementary Public Choice Geometry., A
Cost and choice : an inquiry in economic theory
Crisis and Leviathan: Critical Episodes in the Growth of American Government. By Robert Higgs. New York: Oxford University Press, 1987. Pp. xix, 350. $24.95.
demand and supply of public goods., The
Democracy in deficit : the political legacy of Lord Keynes
Dialogues concerning fiscal religion
did not call him “Fritz”: Personal recollections of Professor F. A. v. Hayek, I
Direct Democracy, Classical Liberalism, and Constitutional Strategy.
domain of constitutional economics, The
Economía política constitucional
Economía y política : escritos seleccionados
Economic Science and Cultural Diversity.
Economic Science in the Future
Economics and Ethics of Idleness, The
economics and the ethics of constitutional order, The
Economics : between predictive science and moral philosophy
Economics from the outside in : "better than plowing" and beyond
Economics in the Post-Socialist Century.
Economics of Earmarked Taxes, The
economics of politics, The
Economics of Rights, Co-operation, and Welfare, Robert Sugden. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1986, vii + 191 pages., The
Economists Have No Clothes
Efficiency Basis for Federal Fiscal Equalization, An
Efficiency limits of fiscal mobility: An assessment of the tiebout model
Entrepreneurship and the Internalization of Externalities.
Erratum to: Lagged implementation as an element in constitutional strategy
Essays on cost
Essays on the political economy
Ethical Limits of Taxation., The
Ethics and economic progress.
Ethik des Kapitalismus
Europe as social reality
Europe's constitutional future
Evaluation of Public Services, The
Explorations in the theory of anarchy
Explorations into constitutional economics
External Diseconomies, Corrective Taxes, and Market Structure.
External Diseconomies in Competitive Supply: Reply.
Federal Grants and Resource Allocation: A Reply
Finanse publiczne w warunkach demokracji
Fiscal equity in a federal state
Fiscal Equity in the Unequal Treatment of Unequals: A Rejoinder
Fiscal responsibility in constitutional democracy
Fiscal theory and political economy : selected essays
Freedom and reform : essays in economics and social philosophy
Freedom in constitutional contract : perspectives of a political economist
Game theory, mathematics, and economics
Generalized Increasing Returns, Euler's Theorem, and Competitive Equilibrium
Hobbesian Interpretation of the Rawlsian Difference Principle., A
Homogenization of Heterogeneous Inputs: Reply., The
How can constitutions be designed so that politicians who seek to serve “public interest” can survive and prosper?
Ideas, institutions, and political economy: A plea for disestablishment
Ideas, persons, and events.
Imperatywy konstytucyjne na lata 90 : ramy prawne wolnej i efektywnej gospodarki
In search of homunculus politicus
Incumbency Dilemma and Rent Extraction by Legislators., The
Independent Judiciary in an Interest-Group Perspective: Comment., The
Individual Choice in Voting and the Market
Introducción a la ciencia de la Hacienda Pública
Jack Wiseman: A personal appreciation
James Buchannon [i.e. Buchanan] at the National Press Club
Justice among Natural Equals: Memorial Marker for John Rawls.
Keizaigaku no kangaekata
Kōkyō sentaku no sozei riron
Konstituciâ èkonomičeskoj politiki
L.S.E. essays on cost
Lagged implementation as an element in constitutional strategy
Landmark papers in economics, politics, and law
Liberaler Evolutionismus oder vertragstheoretischer Konstitutionalismus? : zum Problem institutioneller Reformen bei F.A. von Hayek und J.M. Buchanan
Liberty, market, and state, 1985
Liberty, market and state : political economy in the 1980s
limits of liberty: between anarchy and leviathan, the
Limits of liberty, The : between anarchy and Leviathan
Limits of Market Efficiency, The
logical foundations of constitutional liberty., The
London School of Economic essays on cost
Majoritarian exploitation of the fiscal commons: general taxes-differential transfers
Majoritarian Logic.
Majoritarian Management of the Commons.
Market as a Creative Process, The
Markets, States, and the Extent of Morals.
metamorphosis of John Gray, The
Monopoly in money and inflation : the case for a constitution to discipline government
Moral Dimension of Debt Financing., The
most significant contributions to economics during the twentieth century: lists of the Nobel laureates, The
normative purpose of economic "science": Rediscovery of an eighteenth century method, The
Notes on Nobelity
Obituary: The Sayer of Truth: A Personal Tribute to Peter Bauer.
ökonomische Theorie der Verfassung, 1984, Die
On Monopoly Price: Reply.
Organization Theory and Fiscal Economics: Society, State, and Public Debt.
Pareto-Optimality and Gains-from-Trade: A Comment.
Pareto Superior Tax Reform: Some Simple Analytics
Perspectives in the study of politics
poder fiscal, El
political ambiguity of Reagan economics, The : Marginal adjustment or structural shift?
Political Constraints on Contractual Redistribution.
Political Economy and National Priorities: A Review Essay of the Economic Report of the President and the Annual Report of the Council of Economic Advisers.
political economy of budget deficits
Political Philosophy, Jean Hampton. Westview Press, 1997, xiii + 272 pages.
Politics as public choice.
Politics as Tragedy in Several Acts
Politics by principle, not interest, 1998
Politics by principle, not interest : toward nondiscriminatory democracy
Politics, Property, and the Law: An Alternative Interpretation of Miller et al. v. Schoene.
Politics, Time, and the Laffer Curve.
Politiek schuldbesef
Polluters' Profits and Political Response: Direct Control versus Taxes: Reply.
Polluters' Profits and Political Response: Direct Controls Versus Taxes.
Post-socialist political economy : selected essays
power to tax: analytical foundations of a fiscal constitution, the
power to tax, The : analytical foundations of a fiscal constitution
Predictive Power and the Choice among Regimes.
Prices, income, and public policy
Private Interest Support for Efficiency Enhancing Antitrust Policies.
Property as a guarantor of liberty
Prospects for economic theory in the 1990s and beyond
Public choice after socialism
Public Choice and the Extent of the Market
Public debt in a democratic society
Public finance and public choice : two contrasting visions of the state
Public finance in democratic process; fiscal institutions and the individual choice
public finances, The : an introductory textbook
Public principles of public debt, 1958.
Public principles of public debt : a defense and restatement.
Pure Theory of Government Finance: A Suggested Approach, The
Rapport provisoire du Comité consultatif de l'industries forestière au ministre de l'Industrie et du commerce et de l'Expansion économique régionale.
Rationality as Prudence: Another Reason for Rules
Reaganomics and after
reason of rules, The : constitutional political economy
Rent Seeking, Noncompensated Transfers, and Laws of Succession.
Rent-seeking society.
Revenue Implications of Money Creation under Leviathan.
Same players, different game: how better rules make better politics
Secession and the Limits of Taxation: Toward a Theory of Internal Exit.
sector público en las economías de mercado, El : (ensayos sobre el intervencionismo)
Smithean Perspective on Increasing Returns, A
Social Choice, Democracy, and Free Markets
Socijalizam je mrtav; levijatan ostaje
Status of the Status Quo, The
Subjective Elements in Rawlsian Contractual Agreement on Distributional Rules.
Symmetric Tragedies: Commons and Anticommons.
Tax instruments as constraints on the disposition of public revenues
Tax Rates and Tax Revenues in Political Equilibrium: Some Simple Analytics.
Tax Reform as Political Choice.
Taxation : an international perspective : proceedings of an international Conference
Taxation in fiscal exchange
theory of leadership and deference in constitutional construction, A
theory of public choice-II, The
Theory of public choice : political applications of economics
Theory of Truth in Autobiography., A
Toward a theory of the rent-seeking society
Towards a tax constitution for Leviathan
Towards the Simple Economics of Natural Liberty: An Exploratory Analysis.
Trying again to value a life
Uncertainty, subjective probabilities and choice
V. Ostrom, The meaning of democracy and the vulnerability of democracies : A response to Tocqueville's challenge
Veřejné finance v demokratickém systému
Vote Buying in a Stylized Setting: Reply.
What should economists do?
Who Should Pay for Common-Access Facilities?
why i, too, am not a conservative: the normative vision of classical liberalism
Yukizumaru minshu shugi.
Zaisei riron
Zaiseigaku to kōkyō sentaku : Kokka no yakuwari o meguru daigekiron
公共財の理論 : 公共財の需要と供給
公共選択の理論 : 合意の経済論理
選択のコスト : 経済学的探究
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Chicago, Department of Economics