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Miller, G. S.
Miller, Gerrit S.
Miller, Gerrit Smith
Miller, Gerrit Smith Jr
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British Museum. Natural History
Ewing, H.E. (1883-)
Ewing, Henry Ellsworth (1883-)
Gidley, James Williams (1866-1931)
Kellogg, Remington (1893-)
Merriam, C. Hart (1855-1942)
Merriam, Clinton Hart (1855-1942)
United States National Museum
Wetmore, Alexander (1886-1978)
Winge, Herluf (1857-1923)
A new shrew from eastern Turkestan., ...
American bats of the genera Myotis and Pizonyx, The
Birds and beasts:
Catalogue of the mammals of Western Europe (Europe exclusive of Russia) in the collection of the British Museum
characters and probable history of the hawaian rat, The
characters and probable history of the Hawaiian rat, The
characters of the genus Geocapromys Chapman (with one plate), The
collection of small mammals from Mount Coffee Liberia..., A
controversy over human "missing links", The
Descripitions of two new squirrels from Trong, Lower Siam., ...
Description of a new species of Hippopotamus
Directions for preparing study specimens of small mammals
Ectoparasites of some Polynesian and Malaysian rats of the fenus Rattus
Ectoparasites of some polynesian and malaysians rats of the genus rattus
families and genera of bats, 1907:, The
Fifty-one new Malayan mammals
Genera and subgenera of voles and lemmings
gums of the porpoise Phocœnoides dalli (True), The
Human hair and primate patterning (with five plates)
jaw of the Piltdown man (with five plates), The
List of North American land mammals in the United States National Museum, 1911
List of North American recent Mammals 1923
long-tailed shrews of the Eastern United States
Mammals collected by Dr. W. L. Abbott on islands in the North China Sea., ...
Mammals collected by Dr. W. L. Abbott on the Natuna Islands.
Mammals eaten by Indians, owls, and Spaniards in the coast region of the Dominican Republic (with two plates)
names of the large wolves of Northern and Western North America, The
new river-dolphin from China (with 13 plates) by Gerritt S. Miller, jr., A
new rodent of the genus Saccostomus from British East Africa, with one plate, A
new vole from eastern Mongolia, with one plate, A
North American species of Nymphaea, The
note on the skeletons of two Alaskan porpoises (with one plate), A
...Preliminary revision of the European redbacked mice.
Remains of mammals from caves in the republic of Haiti
review of the interrelationships of the Cetacea, A
Revised determinations of some Tertiaray mammals from Mongolia, ...
Revision of the North American bats of the family Vespertilionidæ
Revision of the shrews of the American genera Blarina and Notiosorex.
Revisions of the North American bats of the family Vespertilionid[a]e.
rodents of the genus Plagiodontia, The
second collection of mammals from caves near St. Michel, Haiti (with ten plates), A
supposed occurrence of an Asiatic goat-antelope in the Pleistocene of Colorado (with two plates), The
Synopsis of the American shrews of the genus sorex
Teeth of a monkey found in Cuba (with one plate), The
telescoping of the cetacean skull (with eight plates), The
The bats of the genus Monophyllus., ...
The giant squirrels of Burmah and the Malay penisula., ...
Three small collections of mammals from Hispaniola (with two plates)
Warm-blooded vertebrates: Part I. Birds