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Byrne, Oliver
Byrne, Oliver ((mathematician))
born 1810 deceased 1890
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appleton's dictionary of machines, mechanics, engine work and engineering
apprentice or first book for mechanics, machinists, and engineers, the
byrne's treatise on navigation and nautical astronomy
calculator's constant companion, the
calculus of form, the
creed of saint athanasius proved by a mathematical parallel, the
description and use of the byrnegraph, an instrument for multiplying, dividing and comparing lines, angles, surfaces and solids
dual arithmetic, a new art
essential elements of practical mechanics, based on the principal of work, designed for engineering students, the
fifth book of euclid simplified, the
first six books of the [[elements of euclid]] in which coloured diagrams and symbols are used instead of letters for the greater ease of learners, the
general method of solving equations of all degrees, applied particularly to equations of the second, third, fourth and fifth
geometry of compasses: or problems resolved by the mere description of circles, the
handbook for the artisan, mechanic, and engineer, the
how to measure the earth with the assistance of railroads
lectures on the art and science of war
miscellaneous mathematical papers of ob, the
new and improved systems of logarithms
pocketbook for railroad and civil engineers
practical, complete and correct gager, containing a description of parker and byrne's patent calculating instruments; with their use and application, the
practical metal-worker's assistant, the
practical model calculator, the
short practical treatise on spherical trigonometry, a
spon's dictionary of engineering
tables of dual logarithms, dual numbers, and corresponding natural numbers
young dual arithmetician, the
young geometrician, or practical geometry without compasses, the