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Horsley, Victor
Horsley, Victor Alexander Haden
Horsley, Victor Alexander Haden (Sir)
Horsley, Victor Alexander Handen
Horsley, Victor Alexander Hayden
Horsley, Victor (Sir)
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Beevor, Charles Edward (1854-1908))
Brandis, Bernhard
Gowers, William Richard (1845-1915))
Handelsman, Józef (1883-1962))
May, William Page (1863-1910))
Newsholme, Arthur (1857-1943))
Schaefer, Edward Albert Sharpey (1850-1935))
Semon, Felix (1848-1925))
Sturge, Mary Darby
Sturgeon, Mary Carol (1943-....))
Alcohol and the human body an introduction to the study of the subject, and a contribution to national health
Annual report to the committee of the Brown institution for the year 1887
Brain surgery
case of tumour of the spinal cord removal, A ; recovery
cerebellum: its relation to spatial ...
Clinical lectures on the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia the differential diagnosis of cerebral tumours, with remarks on treatment : the diseases of the spinal cord requiring surgical neurasthenia ; torticollis
Consensual movements as aids in diagnosis of disease of the cortex cerebri
Contribution to the surface anatomy of the cerebral hemispheres A chapter upon cranio-cerebral topography
Des relations du larynx avec le système nerveux moteur
experimental investigation of the central motor innervation of the larynx, An
Fall von Rückenmarksgeschwulst mit Heilung durch Extirpation, Ein
Function der Schilddrüse, Die : Eine historisch-Kritische Studie
Investigations into the segmental representation of movements in the lumbar region of the mammalian spinal cord excitation of the spinal cord, and direct excitation of the spinal nerve roots
Kp. Badania doświadczalne nad przysadką mózgową
minute analysis (experimental) of the various movements produced by stimulating in the monkey different regions of the cortical centre for the upper limb, as defined by professor Ferrier, A
Neurectasy or nerve-stretching for the relief or cure of pain : being the Bradshaw Lecture delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons of England, on the 6th December 1883
Note on some of the motor functions of certain cranial nerves (V, VII, IX, X, XI, XII) and of the three first cervical nerves in the monkey (Macacus sinicus)
On hydrophobia and its "treatment"
On the effects produced on the circulation and respiration by gun-shot injuries of the cerebral hemispheres
On the mammalian nervous system : its functions, and their localisation determined by an electrical method
Recherches expérimentales sur l'écorse [sic] cérébrale des singes (Macacus sinicus) Analyse minutieuse des centres moteurs définis parle prof. Ferrier, démontrées par une expérience actuelle devant la Société de biologie de Paris
record of experiments upon the functions of the cerebral cortex, A
Structure and functions of the brain and spinal cord being the fullerian lectures for 189l
Traumatic neurasthenia