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Sugarman, Tracy
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American Folklife Center
Archive of Folk Culture (Library of Congress)
Beim, Jerrold (1910-1957)
Library of Congress. Recording Laboratory
Nelson, Josephus
Sons of the Purple Sage (Musical group)
Sterling, Philip (1907-1989)
Toppin, Edgar Allan (1928-)
Warren, Shorty
Western Rangers (Musical group)
American Folklife Center lecture, 2009-05-05
Amphibious officers, LST 491
Army and navy in the officers' lounge aboard ship
Army cargo on the 357, corporal
Army guard
Army personnel on LST 357, Lieutenant and two G.I.s
At life jacket drill
Barrage balloons over Plymouth
Benjamin Botkin folklife lecture
boy on Lincoln's lap., The
Break time
Bunking down
Checking gear
Crew off duty
Cutting spuds for chow
Drawing conclusions an artist discovers his America
Dusk in the city, 1944
Embarkation on the Queen Mary
English Home Guard, spotting planes
Ensign "Andy" Anderson
Fog in the morning off France, Aug. 12
Forty winks on a troop train
Fowey poker
Gift from a sheep : the story of how wool is made
gooseberry at Utah Beach, The
Greenbank Hotel, my home in Fowey, The
Gun drill, LST 491
Hold #1--officers' quarters on the Robertson
Hotel Moderne, scene of a memorable dinner, The
Hush, Jon!
Iris Rose Mary
jetty in Fowey, The
Kid brother;
LCVP on deck
LCVPs practicing on the Fowey beachhead
Liberty boat landing, Weymouth, England
Lining up for fresh doughnuts and old music
LST-491, boatswain's mate
Lt. Arthur English USNR, Jan. 16 - 1945
Lt. Francis Fraine, USNR
Lt. J.G. "Swede" Larson, October 1944 - On the T.B. Robertson - France
Merchant marine crewman on the T.B. Robertson
Mike in his boxing shorts
On the way to the LST 523 to pick up survivors
Plymouth in wartime
Plymouth small boat crewman, seated
Poker game aboard the Queen Mary
quiet rebels; four Puerto Rican leaders: José Celso Barbosa, Luis Muñoz Rivera, José de Diego, Luiz Muñoz Marín, The
Rough water in the Channel
Sack duty
Scuttlebutt in Hold #1
Self-portrait for June
Seymour Friedman S 1/c, July 29th, 1944, S.S. Robertson
Sinking of LST 523
Sir Halloween.
Small-boat officer
Songs of the golden west
Stranger at the gates, 1966.
Street scene in Plymouth
"Swan Lake Cottage," Shaftesbury, England
Thatched roof, Shaftsbury [i.e. Shaftesbury]
Tim and the tool chest;
Tommy and his laundry, with daffodils
Tower of "Coombe House" Shaftesbury, Dorset, England, March, 1945
Tracy Sugarman oral history interview
unfinished march; the Negro in the United States, Reconstruction to World War I, The
Unloading at Le Havre, France, February 22, 1945
USO entertainer
View from my window
Waiting for D-Day, LST 491
Waiting to close Utah Beach
We had sneakers, they had guns : the kids who fought for civil rights in Mississippi
[Women with children's dresses]
[World War II letters and drawings of Tracy Sugarman]
Yeoman Joseph Paolo, T.B. Robertson
Yeoman, LST 491