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Bain, George Grantham
Bain, George Grantham (American author and inventor, 1865-1944)
George Grantham Bain
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Bain News Service
Bain News Service (see also from)
Brady, Mathew B. (approximately 1823-1896)
Underwood & Underwood
Washington Press Photo Service
Bain News Service photograph collection
Miscellaneous news photos from the Bain Collection
News photos of "Fool Tower," an insane asylum, Vienna, 1908
News photos of French army activities in France, 1914-1916
News photos of French colonial troops in France, 1914-1916
News photos of French naval warships, 1908-1915
News photos of French occupation of the German Ruhr Valley, 1923 ...
News photos of German military aviation, 1914-1917
News photos of German submarines, 1914-1919
News photos of Great Britain, 1911-1912
News photos of Hains brothers murder trial, New York City
News photos of Italian military activities in Tripoli and vicinity during the Turco-Italian War, 1911-1912
News photos of misc. German war activity, mostly on home front, 1914-1918
News photos of Mrs. O.H.P. Belmont's farm for girls, Hempstead, N.Y., summer, 1911
News photos of New York City playgrounds, ca. 1908-1915
News photos of News Zealand, ca. 1906
News photos of penal institutions and activities in the U.S., 1908-1916
News photos of Portuguese military activities, 1910-1918
News photos of prisoners of war, 1914-1918
News photos of Republican presidential campaign, 1908
News photos of S.S. IMPERATOR
News photos of S.S. KAISER WILHELM II
News photos of S.S. LUSITANIA arriving in New York City on her maiden voyage ...
News photos of S.S. MILAZZO, a new type of Italian freighter, July 1916
News photos of S.S. VATERLAND
News photos of surface warships of the German navy, 1908-1916
News photos of the Balkan Wars, 1912-1913
News photos of the funeral procession of Edward VII ...
News photos of the German army in France, 1914-1916
News photos of the Maneuver Division, a tactical organization composed of U.S. Regular Army units concentrated at San Antonio, Texas, March-August, 1911
News photos of the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1915
News photos of the mobilization of New York National Guard units for active duty on Mexican border, May-Nov., 1916
News photos of the war on the Eastern Front, 1914-1917, in East Prussia, Poland, Russia, Galicia
News photos of U.S. and allied military activities in Russia, 1918-1919
News photos of U.S. Army and National Guard coast defense activities, New York City and vicinity, 1908-1917
News photos of U.S. Army Punitive Expedition into Mexico, 1916
News photos of U.S.-Mexican peace conference at Niagara Falls, Canada, 1914; delegates and families in New York and Washington, D.C.
News photos of U.S. naval cooking school, 59th Street, New York City
News photos of U.S. Navy Atlantic Fleet in New York Harbor, ca. 1910-1915 ...
News photos of U.S. Navy submarines, 1908-1917
News photos of war in the Balkans, 1914-1917
News photos of war in Turkey, 1914-1918
News photos of war on the Italian-Austrian front, 1914-1918
News photos of women's war work in Germany, 1914-1918
News photos of world royalty, portraits between 1904 and 1926
Official portraits of criminals for police identification purposes, taken between 1888 and 1902
Old men making toys in a shop maintained for their benefit, apparently by society women
Omaha, Nebraska, after the cyclone of March, 1913
Opening of the Astor market, New York City, 1915
Pennsylvania State University
Portraits of boxers
Prince Henry of Prussia and President Roosevelt
Prince of Wales' arrival in New York on H.M.S. RENOWN, 1919
Prison riot and fire at Western Penitentiary, Bellview, Pa., July, 1921
Prisoners of war activities in Germany, 1914-1915
Private clubs in New York City, ca. 1915
Protestant churches and religious ceremonies in New York City, ca. 1909-19
Recreation on New York City rooftops, ca. 1919
Rescue of S.S. Titanic survivors, April 15, 1912
Rockaway Beach, Long Island, New York
Roosevelt arriving on stand
Roosevelt on his way to the Capitol
Roosevelt's library [Stoner House?].
Roosevelt speaking, Yonkers, 10/17/12
Roosevelt taking the oath
Salt Lake City, ca. 1895-1910
Salvation Army's Bundle Day drive, New York City, Jan.-Feb. 1915
Scenes and figures in Delaware's battle over local option
[Senator Addison Gardner Foster, Republican from Washington, seated with a newspaper]
Show dogs and owners, nearly all named, New York City and vicinity, ca. 1908-16
Shrine of the Black Virgin, New York
Siberia, ca. 1917
Sledding in Central Park, New York City, ca. 1915
Social events in New York City, ca. 1909-19
Stock trading on the New York Curb Association market, 1907-1920
Street railway strike, Brooklyn, New York, 1919-20
Strikes - Lawrence and Lowell, Mass. 1912
[Theodore Roosevelt, full-length portrait, standing, facing right, in deer skin hunting suit, holding rifle]
[Theodore Roosevelt, half-length portrait, seated, facing slightly right]
[Theodore Roosevelt, half-length portrait, seated, looking left]
Theodore Roosevelt in 1885
[Theodore Roosevelt sitting in an open carriage enroute to the U.S. Capitol on his inauguration day tips his hat to spectators]
[Theodore Roosevelt, three-quarter length portrait, seated in front of desk with legs crossed]
Triangle Waist Company fire, New York City, March 1911
Trolley car strikes in Massachusetts, Ohio, and Pennsylvania
U.S. airships, balloons, pilots, balloonists, and inventors
Walter Wellman and his airship America
warship USS Delaware, The
Washington, D.C., scenes
White House interiors
William Jennings Bryan campaigning for president in New York City, Sept.-Oct., 1908
Wine growers' protest demonstrations in Champagne District of France, 1911
Women's suffrage movement in the United States
Wright brothers flying demonstrations and aircraft