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Baten, J.
Baten, Joerg
Baten, Jörg
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A'Hearn, Brian
Austin, Gareth
Baltzer, Markus
Baten, Jörg
Baten, Jöerg
Blum, Matthias
Böhm, Andreas
Botelho, Tarcísio
Carson, Scott
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Crayen, Dorothee
Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen / Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät
Enflo, Kerstin
Eng, Pierre van der
Foldvari, Peter
Fourie, Johan
Friesen, Julia
Guntupalli, Aravinda Meera
Hippe, Ralph
Hippe, Ralph (1985-....))
Hira, Sandew
Jaeger, Kirsten
Juif, Dácil-Tania
Julia, Muschallik
Kling, Gerhard
Komlos, John
Köpke, Nikola
Labuske, Kirsten
Leeuwen, Bas Van
Ma, Debin
Manzel, Kerstin
Moradi, Alexander
Morgan, Stephen
Mumme, Christina
München, Univ
Murray, John E.
Pelger, Ines
Prayon, Valeria
Sohn, Kitae
Stegl, Mojgan
Stolz, Yvonne
Szoltysek, Mikolaj
Tollnek, Franziska
Twrdek, Linda
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Universität Tübingen Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät Affiliation (see also from)
Voth, Joachim
Wagner, Andrea
Wallusch, Jacek
Woitek, Ulrich
Zanden, Jan
Zanden, Jan Luiten van
Agricultural specialization and height in ancient and medieval Europe
anthropometric history of Argentina, Brazil and Peru during the 19th and early 20th century, The
Anthropometric within-country Inequality and the Estimation of Skill Premia with Anthropometric Indicators
Autarchy, market disintegration, and health: the mortality and nutritional crisis in Nazi Germany, 1933-1937
Back to the 'normal' level of human-capital driven growth? A note on early numeracy in Korea, China and Japan, 1550 - 1800
Befreiungen? Aus der Umweltgeschichte am südlichen Oberrhein ; Begleitheft zur Ausstellung
biological standard of living in early nineteenth-century West Africa: new anthropometric evidence for northern Ghana and Burkina Faso, The
biological standard of living in Europe during the last two millennia, The
Book production and the onset of modern economic growth
Book Review
Brain drain in the age of mass migration: does relative inequality explain migrant selectivity?
Changing Shape of Global Inequality - exploring a new dataset, The
Children's Height and Parental Unemployment: A Large-Scale Anthropometric Study on Eastern Germany, 1994-2006
Climate, grain production and nutritional status in Southern Germany during the XVIIIth century
Convergence and divergence of numeracy: the development of age heaping in Latin America from the seventeenth to the twentieth century
Creating Firms for a New Century: Determinants for Firm Creation around 1900
Creating firms for a new century determinants of firm creation around 1900
development and inequality of heights in North, West, and East India 1915-1944, The
Did partial globalization increase inequality? did inequality stimulate globalization backlash? ; the case of the Latin American periphery, 1950 - 80
Ernährung und wirtschaftliche Entwicklung in Bayern ; (1730 - 1880)
Evolution of living standards and human capital in China in 18-20th century: evidences from real wage and anthropometrics
Evolution of living standards and human capital in China in the 18-20th centuries: Evidences from real wages, age-heaping, and anthropometrics
Expansion und Überleben von Unternehmen in der "Ersten Phase der Globalisierung"
Farmer Families at the Heart of the Educational Revolution: Which Occupational Group Inherited Human Capital in the Early Modern Era?
FDI of German Companies During Globalization and Deglobalization
formation du capital humain en Europe au niveau régional - implications sur la croissance économique., La
Gender Equality and Inequality in Numeracy: The Case of Latin America and the Caribbean, 1880–1949
Global Trends in Numeracy 1820-1949 and its Implications for Long-Run Growth
Global trends in numeracy 1820-1949 and its implications for long-term growth
Globalization and educational inequality during the 18th to 20th centuries: Latin America in global comparison
Grain Price Fluctuations and Witch Hunting in Bavaria
Große und kleine Unternehmen in der Krise von 1900 - 1902
Growth accounting in items of turbulence and death: efficiency, technology, capital accumulation and human capital 1929-1950
Growth effects of 19th century mass migrations: "Fome Zero" for Brazil
Height and the Standard of Living
Height, trade, and inequality in the Latin American periphery, 1950-2000
Heights of Men and Women in 19th-Century Bavaria: Economic, Nutritional, and Disease Influences
human capital of Central-Eastern and Eastern Europe in European perspective, The
Impoverished, but Numerate? Early Numeracy in East Asia (15501800) and its Impact on 20th and 21st Century Economic Growth
Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa: New Data and New Insights from Anthropometric Estimates
Latin American anthropometrics, past and present--An overview
Long-Term Economic Growth and the Standard of Living in Indonesia
Looking Backward and Looking Forward: Anthropometric Research and the Development of Social Science History
Making profits in wartime: corporate profits, inequality, and GDP in Germany during the First World War link rid="fn1"-super-1 /link
Market integration and disintegration of Poland and Gemany [Germany] in the 18th century
Market integration and disintegration of Poland and Germany [Germany] in the 18th century
Neue Quellen für die unternehmenshistorische Analyse
New evidence and new methods to measure human capital inequality before and during the industrial revolution: France and the US in the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries
On the human capital of Inca Indios before and after the Spanish conquest: Was there a "pre-colonial legacy"?
On the Persistence of Human Capital Income and Patent Effects around 1900 on Per capita levels in the 1960’s
On the status and the future of economic history in the world
Poor, hungry and ignorant: Numeracy and the impact of high food prices in industrializing Britain, 1780-1850
Produktivitätsvorteil in kleinen und mittelgroßen Industrieunternehmen, Sicherheit in Großunternehmen die Gesamtfaktorproduktivität um 1900
Protein supply and nutritional status in nineteenth century Bavaria, Prussia and France
Quantifying quantitative literacy: age heaping and the history of human capital
Regional Inequality in Human Capital Formation in Europe, 1790 - 1880
Slave numeracy in the Cape Colony and comparative development in the eighteenth century
Tall and shrinking Muslims, short and growing Europeans: The long-run welfare development of the Middle East, 1850-1980
Technological and geographical knowledge spillover in the German empire 1877-1918
Trends of Children’s Height and Parental Unemployment: A Large-Scale Anthropometric Study on Eastern Germany, 1994 – 2006
Trends of childrenś height and parental unemployment a large-scale anthropometric study on Eastern Germany, 1994 - 2006
Wirtschaftsstruktur und Ernährungslage 1770 - 1870 anthropometrische, gewerbe- und agrarstatistische Forschungsansätze ; Beiträge zum 1. Ernährungshistorischen Kolloquium im Landkreis Kulmbach 1996
Women Count: Gender (in-)equalities in the human capital development in Asia, 1900-60
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Zugl.: München, Univ., Diss., 1997