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Greville Holloway, Robin
Holloway, R.
Holloway, R. G.
Holloway, Robin
Holloway, Robin Greville
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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City of London sinfonia
Gruenberg, Erich (1924-...)
Hickox, Richard (1948-2008)
Hill, Martyn
Kovacic, Ernst
Richard Hickox Singers
Stevens, Wallace (1879-1955)
Tuckwell, Barry (1931-)
University of Cambridge
Walmsley-Clark, Penelope (1949-...)
Williams, William Carlos
Adagio and rondo, horn, orchestra, op. 43, no. 2
Aria : Dark air
Aria, for fourteen players, op. 44
Arias, orchestra
Arias, piano, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion, violins (2), viola, cello, double bass, op. 44
Ballad, harp, orchestra, op. 61
blue doom of summer, The : cantata for high voice & harp (op. 35 no. 1) July 3-6, 1977
Brass quintet Op. 67
Canzona and toccata, trumpet, organ
Clarissa. Selections
Clarissa symphony : op. 30a
Concertinos, no. 2
Concertinos, no. 3
Concertinos, Orch op. 53
Concertos, clarinet, orchestra, op. 82
Concertos, double bass, orchestra, op. 83
Concertos, horn, orchestra, op. 43
Concertos, orchestra, no 2, op. 40
Concertos, orchestra, no. 5
Concertos, viola, orchestra, op. 56
Concertos, violin, orchestra, op. 70
Consolation of music
Debussy and Wagner
Divertimenti, no. 1, op. 11
Divertimenti, no. 3, op. 33a
Divertimenti, no. 4, op. 33b
Divertimento #1 for orchestra : March-April 1968
Essays and diversions II
Evening with angels. 1993
Fantasy, organ, op. 65
Fantasy pieces on the Heine "Liederkreis" of Schumann
Georgian songs
Gilded Goldbergs
He-she-together : three poems of James Joyce for unaccompanied mixed voices : op. 38 no. 2
Hymn for voices
Hymn to the senses
Idyll, no. 1
Idyll, no. 2
Idyll op. 42
In the thirtieth year : op. 25, for tenor and pianoforte
Konzerte, Hr Orch op. 43
Konzerte, Vl Orch op. 70
Little songs about death
lover's well, The
Missa canonica. Agnus Dei
Missa canonica. Sanctus
Moments of vision : cycle for speaker and 4 players, op. 58
noon's repose, The : three songs for tenor & harp, op. 39
Ode for 4 Winds and strings Op. 45 : full score
Partitina, on the opening notes of J.S. Bach's "Goldberg" bass
Quintets, trumpets, horn, trombone, tuba, op. 67
Romances, oboe, string orchestra, op. 59
Romances, violin, orchestra, op. 31
Romanza Op. 31
Romanzen op. 31
Scenes from Schumann. -
Sea-surface full of clouds Op. 28
Seascape and harvest : two pictures for large orchestra, op. 55
Second idyll : for small orchestra, op. 54, 1982-3
Selected poems secular & sacred
Serenade in E flat for wind quintet and string quintet, op. 57
Serenaden op. 41
Serenades, clarinet, bassoon, horn, violins (2), viola, cello, double bass, op. 41, C
Serenades, oboes (2), clarinets (2), horns (2), bassoons (2), op. 92, B♭. Entrada
Serenades, oboes (2), clarinets (2), horns (2), bassoons (2), op. 92, B♭. Sarabande
Serenades, strings, op. 64, G
Serenades, woodwinds, horn, strings, op. 17, E♭
Serenata notturna : for four horns with accompaniment for two trumpets and strings : op. 52
Since I believe in God the Father Almighty
Sonatas, double bass, op. 83b
Sonatas, horn, orchestra, op. 43, no. 1
Sonatas, trumpet
Sonatas, violin
Souvenirs de Monsalvat : waltz-synthesis on themes from Wagner's Parsifal : for piano-duet
Tender only to one : for soprano : op. 12 : 1968-9
This is just to say for tenor and piano
War-memorials. From hills and valleys
Wayside daisy
Wherever we may be
Doctoral Thesis - University of Cambridge